November 16, 2017

Old Navy "Comfy Winter" Must Haves Under $50

You guys Old Navy has been a must shop store for me since for-eva!  Although as my kids grew older I found myself going there less and less and almost even forgot how cheap and cute everything is.

Okay, so I might not be shopping here for anyone on my list this year because I don't have anyone on my list that I'll be gifting clothes to, but guess what? I could use some of these pieces for myself.  I haven't shopped for myself lately besides a cardigan and a pair of booties this season.  So I'm overdue and I just tend to forget about myself and the things I need when I'm too busy making sure everyone else is taken care of.

So these are some of my favorites and that I hope to get for myself, BUT .... I chose quite a few that you might want too!

November 14, 2017

Yummy Pumpkin Bread Recipe

The last few years this has been my to go pumpkin bread recipe. I look forward to this every year and so does my family, they can't get enough.  Thanks to Liz from Love Grows Wild, this recipe is easy to make and just amazing to taste!

I'm actually thinking that this is going to have to be one of my homemade Christmas gifts this year for friends and neighbors.  I don't think they'll argue with that, do you?

As I've continued to make it, I have made a few adjustments by simply adding a 1 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree instead of 1 cup.  And a whole stick of butter instead of 6 tablespoons.

So that is probably why mine tends too look a little more caramelized and not as pretty as Liz's.  But none the less it tastes amazing.

These pumpkin bread loafs not only last about a week in our household but they're super easy and fast to make and therefore can be made anytime, such as even at 10 pm on a Saturday night like when I decided to make this one but didn't photograph it till the next morning.

I'm excited for you to try it and I know you'll enjoy it just as much!

November 12, 2017

Eclectic Farmhouse Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide

I love that Christmas is on our minds and probably only because its visible just about everywhere right.  Well none the less, we could all use a little push and guidance to start shopping for x-mas gifts.

This latest gift guide features items for the eclectic farmhouse kitchen lover in your life. These could also be great gifts for the  new homeowner, newly engaged or married couple. 

I love kitchen items and these are some of my personal favorites. One of my favorite rooms of our house to shop for is our kitchen.  It makes me sad sometimes that I don't have more room for more.  But I guess that's a good thing, right? ... my  husband would agree.

Hope this gives you all the guidance and motivation to start shopping for those loved ones with kitchen needs.

Let me know if you have any other specific gift guide you want to see!  Happy shopping!
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