Jan 10, 2017

An All Natural Valentine's Day Gift

So I know what you're thinking it might be too soon to start thinking about Valentine's Day, but is it really? Its practically a month away and if you look around all major chain retailers already have it all on display. Literally all.  The hearts, the chocolate, the cards, the balloons, the teddy bears, oh and the list goes on.

Me, I always like to plan ahead and be prepared, plus when it comes to gifting I love finding the most unique gift for my loved one, when you know them well enough, if that's the case then it should come to us pretty easy.  Okay not always but we hope to find it easy enough.  Personally I love the cliche of hearts and things but I believe the gift should be unique to the person you're gifting it to.

As for us expecting the perfect gift from our partner or spouse, well ladies, let's admit it, they're not always cupid.  They definitely don't always hit the mark.  But we can make it easy enough for them by hinting them in the right direction.  Yes, they could just go old school or should I say with the classic flowers and chocolate.  Or even diamonds.  But is that really what we all want or expect? 

Honestly, I don't.

I sometimes wish guys read blogs more often for the sake of our sanity and for the purpose of gifting us what we need and want, even if we don't know it yet.

Let me be bluntly honest for a second, normally I'm not one to go for a bath, not because I dislike them, but because I don't seek the time for them, but I should.  There's products out there from popular retailers such as Bath & Bodyworks and LUSH that have made it their concept. 

Truthfully though they're beautiful and smell great, no argument there, even their purpose is great but sometimes I've been turned off by the busy marketing or simply feel as though its for a younger crowd.  Recently being introduced to TortugaLife Bath Bombs, I wasn't sure if I was up to trying their products because I thought they'd be just like the others.

I couldn't have been more wrong.  When I saw and opened the packaging, I instantly loved it so, I admired it for a while, then went in for what was inside.

Classic beauty.  The packaging, the aroma, and the simplicity of their bath bombs. Wow.

And when I finally took one of these for a spin in the tub over the weekend, I was in awe, I enjoyed every minute, followed their indulgence directions except I followed up with the wine after the fact but primarily, I have to say, they didn't disappoint.

Inspiration was the first one I've tried so far.  But did I tell you, that each one of these bath bombs has their own purpose, there are 6 assorted fragrances ....

  • Inspiration - Jasmin with ylang ylang
  • Spa Day - Cocoa Butter with glistening honey
  • Revive - Lemon and Mint
  • Stiff Muscles - Ginger and Lemongrass
  • Pure Romance - Oatmeal and Honey
  • Catching Zzz's - Fresh Lavender

Best of all they're all made with natural ingredients, no fuss.  Its all natural relaxation for all the imaginable and right purposes, that a wife, mom, a stressed out day at work or even after a workout could use for those aches and pains.

So back to the perfect gift, this is it ladies.  For mom, sister, aunt, grandma, heck share it with the lover in your life, no one said, a bath is just for one.  

Like I said, I did not know what I was going to get or expect when I first heard of TortugaLife bath bombs, but I was not disappointed and I know you won't be either.  Its seriously a gift that keeps on giving and won't put a hole in your lover's pocket or yours if you get them for yourself.  Heck get two of them and keep them in stock.  So get ready to hint away.

I'm hoping that this beautifully executed gift makes gifting for anyone easy and uniquely enough for their beloved spouse, partner, relative or best friend!

With that special holiday around the corner, this is a subtle and simply beautiful gift that any of us would appreciate.

If you're interested you can order them from here.

My valentine's day came early, but be warned, I expect those flowers and chocolate now for sure! hint hint ... cause I'm not a diamond girl! ;) okay okay, sometimes I am.

Tell me, have you ever experience TortugaLife bath bombs before?

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{This is a sponsored post but all pictures and opinions are 100% my own}

Jan 7, 2017

My Word for 2017

Welcome back and happy new year, to all my friends and family.

 Can you believe the first week of January has already come and gone?!  As we wrap up the week, and being a Saturday none the less, I didn't want this week to pass me by without mentioning to you what my word for 2017 has come to be and the word that my goals are set on this year.

Like most of you, I like January for the reason that its a clean slate, an opportunity to start over.

I've been cleaning out not only the holiday decor but cleaning in general, re-organizing, and cleaning out old clothes, shoes, etc... basically not only prepping the house to feel fresh and so clean but getting it ready for upcoming projects, but also having an organized house helps prep my mind for what's to come.

I'm determined that with the little spare change we may have for projects this year, that we somehow make ish happen.  The hubs has even started buying himself tools to start doing some of those projects that he's able to do himself.  I'm proud of him and glad to see him motivated.  Hey maybe we'll even get some shiplap up in this place this year! #goals

I've had to learn a lot of patience in the last couple of years with our home and the projects we've had on hold.  Its been hard for me but I've been learning to manage and understand that it all just simply can't be done right away especially when everything requires so much time and money to do so.

Patience is not my forte people.  So even though its something I've focused on having for our home, I also need to make it my focus for our family.  In case you didn't already guess, patience is my word this year.  Its something I have to learn to be consistent with, in all aspects.

Funny story though, it was something that had already been on the back of my mind, was pointed out to me on the very last day of 2016 and therefore I knew it was time to start changing it.  Yes, it hurts to hear the truth sometimes, but I've learned that I'd rather hear honesty without the sugar coating.  I want it raw and upfront and that's okay.  I can take it.  I'm a smart girl and I've learned that being an adult is all about being able to be understanding and not get offended by every small thing that may not be or sound appealing to thee.  Is that when you know you've officially grown up? ha, I hope so... cause growing up sucks! I want to stop growing Lol 

Any thoughts?  What is your one word for the new year?

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Jan 3, 2017

'Three Year' Blogiversary

Its my 3 year blog anniversary (blogiversary) and I'm so thankful for it, its been quite a journey so far and looking forward for more adventures this new year.

Normally I'd tell you what I've learned so far and where I wish for this journey to continue taking me but I don't want to get sappy.  So many things I have yet to accomplish and hope to experience.  But I'll tell you more about them once I get there.

In the meantime, I will continue to use my voice, that this blog allows me to have and share all the experiences and learning curves as I continue to teach myself to live the life I want to live.

A little insight though from when I started this blog, it had been a dream of mine, although I was scared to death for a long time and didn't have the guts to do it, I knew very little then as to how to even begin, still have lots to learn but its been fun learning and its a never ending cycle which makes it that much more fun to keep going.  This blog has seen quite a few changes in the last three years, to be honest there will be more to come. I still know very little compared to so many, but I try not to do exactly that and compare myself to others, I want this blog to be as unique as I am.  I'm just simply trying to share my world with yours in hopes that you can take some part of it with you when possible and follow along.

Thank you all for being so wonderful, sweet, supportive and kind, I appreciate you all for being patient and motivating me to continue on this journey which truly seems remarkable that god would have put me on a path like this, but I'm not taking it for granted, may seem like a small thing, but its everything to me to be able to make even the smallest impact in your life as it may be for us.  

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Dec 29, 2016

Looking Back & Moving Forward

Gosh, where to begin ...

This year has been an unexpected one all around.  Full of small, fortunate and unfortunate surprises.  I'm thankful for the opportunities this little blog of mine has brought me and the new friendships it has introduced me to.  I've been able to step out of my comfort zone this year in small yet big ways.

Looking back, this year was nothing short of fun as my daughter and I got to attend fun events like Gen Beauty, we celebrated my daughter's 17th birthday in an almost pretty in pink kinda way and we even went on a family vacation to Canada.

We have renovated a few things here and there around the house, nothing major like our Kitchen at the end of last year, so we're over due for a few big renovations.

But our Kitchen makeover did get a nice little recognition from Shutterfly this year in their 100 Kitchen Creative ideas. 

Original post; Shutterfly featured our kitchen!
That was a nice little surprise to say the least.  Something this small can seem so big for little ol' me.

Original post; It's That Time Again + JORD Watch Giveaway
The opportunity to work with a few sponsors this year was definitely unexpected, I had been hopeful but wasn't sure if that would ever actually happen. Later is actually better than never, it might have taken me a couple of years to finally take this space of mine seriously but this year I finally realized that although it is my personal playground, its a playground that I want everyone to feel welcome visiting and playing in!  

I love spreading the word about big brand products to handmaking small businesses that I would buy for myself and use purposely.  Anything that makes me happy comes with the possibility that it will make you happy too.

Original post; Embracing Life at My Age

I turned 37 this year, that I was not so happy about and it took me time to become content with it. I am in fact still processing this, ha!  
Watching my kids grow into adulthood and realizing that I am in fact growing much older rather than getting younger, well its a process.  Personally in my twenties I was in denial of ever getting older but reality sneaks up on you and so do the years.  Boy do I miss being in my 20's!

Being older makes you wiser so they say, and I thought well I need to wise up and if I'm taking this blog stuff seriously why not start learning more.  Experiencing more.  Talking more.  With new people and other bloggers.  I wanted to step out of my bubble.  I'm a shy person and as I get older a not so confident one either but I want to be involved in this community of bloggers.  

Unfortunately I still can't afford to attend the huge popular blogger conferences so I thought of the next best thing, which would be to bring local bloggers together even if it was a local Starbucks.  

Earlier this year I also got lucky and met a wonderful blogger through Instagram which she so happened to live nearby and turned out to be such a blessing, Taylor, now a dear friend of mine, was on board with helping me make this meet up happen.

We both somehow found the time in our busy schedules to gather a few local Southern California bloggers to join us in a fun evening of all blog shop talk. It turned out beautifully and new friendships were made. You can read more on that here.

Moving forward, all these experiences and many more than have occurred this year have made me hopeful and given me the courage to pursue so much more this coming year.  I'm looking forward to experiencing more, learning and teaching more, and continue to share it all with you along the way.  

Although it wasn't all cake and ice cream this year, including having lost a dear friend of ours was also difficult, but through their eyes we attempt to appreciate life as much as we can, especially taking opportunity of what's in front of us.  But they are truly missed in the midst of it all for a lifetime.

So let's continue to reach for our dreams endlessly and also in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  To receive blog post updates that you may miss on my social media subscribe to the blog at the top right hand corner via email! 

Wishing you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve and see you back here in 2017!

Dec 27, 2016

The Twelve Days After Christmas

Did you know that the twelve days of Christmas doesn't actually start until after Christmas?!

Its true, for both Christians and Catholics in fact. 

It officially starts December 26th, you can actually read more about it here.  Its been a tradition for a lot of folks including ours leading up to the Three Kings' Day celebration, which ends on January 6th.

We love to soak up as much of the holiday season as we can and when the kids were younger I learned that it didn't have to end on Christmas day, that there was more to celebrate and soak up even after.  So I've decided to try and suck it up and leave up the tree or some holiday decor until the new year arrived, I can't say it's happened every year but some.  And then to surprise them with small gifts; bought or handmade in their shoes on January 6th which is the day the three kings finally arrive to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

This year I thought of adding some fun treats to our fireplace mantel for the twelve days after Christmas would simply remind us that the holidays aren't quite over yet and we can continue to celebrate the birth of Jesus until the kings finally arrive.  I made these from 12 pk of small canvas bags I bought last year at Michaels that I had no clue what I'd use them for but they came in handy this year.

I simply traced and painted some numbers onto the bags with acrylic paint I had handy and added some left over halloween candy to fill them.

Hope this gives some of you, who like me, love Christmas and all its joy, an extra reason to keep up your decor a little longer and hopefully start or continue this tradition with your family too.  Its one that a lot of times goes unnoticed and untold, plus gives the kids another treat to look forward to.

For now excuse me while I continue to sip on some hot chocolate and listen to some Christmas tunes.

So, do you celebrate the twelve days after Christmas?  If so, how?

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