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Only The Best For Our Dogs | Comfort At It's Best

This post is sponsored by La-Z Boy but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

First off let me start by saying dogs sleep up to 12 hours per day so it just makes sense that your pet has a comfy dog bed to snuggle into.  Which brings me to talk about how our dog's deserve just as much bed comfort as we do.  

Thanks to La-Z Boy pet bedding is crafted with the highest quality materials and standards. 

5 Things To Consider When Building Your Outdoor Pool

My brother in law is currently in the midst of building their dream pool in their backyard.  The progress looks amazing already and although they are probably not going to get to enjoy it through Summer, here in Southern California a Pool comes in handy all throughout the year.

If you’re thinking of building your own outdoor pool at home but you don't know where to begin then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. With so many different things to consider before you get started, it’s important you’re thinking of absolutely everything. Whether it’s your overall budget or the size of the pool you’re installing, preparation is key. 

Don't Forget About Your Pets During an Emergency | How To Be Prepared

Today I'm here to share some ideas and tips on how you can prepare for your pets in case of an emergency.  

Here in California we tend to have earthquakes and in the moment one hits a lot goes through our minds, but our pets and their safety should be priority as well as everything else.  It's scary for us when one happens and we have felt unprepared before.  We know we wouldn't leave them behind, but we weren't prepared with the necessities they demand if an emergency was to happen.  So it was time to get prepared.

Bad Habits that are Actually Damaging your Home

We all have bad habits, but sometimes those habits could be damaging your home. If you want to find out if you’re guilty of them, then take a look below.

Yanking Cords

Yanking a wire to unplug it may save you a few seconds, but it could also be costing you a lot of money at the same time. Tugging cords can cause a ton of damages, such as bending the plug or even fraying the wires. If you pull it hard enough then you may even find that you crack the outlet, which is the last thing that you need to happen. Pulling the plug out normally only takes a few seconds, and you’d be surprised at how much time and money it could save you.

Flush your Wipes

If you have doubts, then don’t flush it. Toilet paper is designed so that it breaks down right after you flush it, but baby wipes and even household cleaning wipes are not. If you flush them then you may find that you end up clogging your drains and this can cost you a small fortune at a later date. If you want to stop issues like this from happening, then you need to toss any wipes that you have in the trash. This will help you to avoid any expensive plumbing problems.

Overfilling or Underfilling your Fridge

Your fridge and your freezer will both operate at their best when they are around ¾ of the way full. If your fridge is jam-packed, then this will probably cause various items to block the vents and you may even end up with a huge electric bill as a result. If you want to avoid issues like this then it is so important that you fill your freezer partway without overloading it.