February 15, 2018

Hollow Hill | Spring Shutters

Hello loves, its been a minute, a week to be exact, in case you missed it, I shared a blog post last week of My Favorite Things for February's giveaway!  

Today I'm here to share these shutters that could not have turned out more beautiful in my opinion.   I was a little skeptic because let's face it, I usually go with the neutral tones and so when I play with a darker color it just scares me a little.  I was sure that the color would go on great but not sure how it would look.

Well I can surely say that I proved myself wrong, don't they look amazing?  Not to tute my own horn or anything but I'm so happy with how they look.

I used Hollow Hill from Country Chic Paint for these shutters, I don't know if you remember, but I've painted shutters before, you can see that blog post here.  I also posted a picture below.


I've wanted to incorporate more color into our living space especially with greens and I fell in love with this color from Country Chic Paint the moment I saw it.  I will definitely be using it again and hopefully on a dresser or side table if possible.

I love that they make quite the statement.

As I've mentioned before with Country Chic Paint's chalk paint, there isn't much work involved.  As long as you have their paint brush hand and your desired color, you can get right to work.  In this case I did not feel the need to use a primer.  I knew I wanted the wood color of the shutters to peak through and if the chalk paint chips or scuffs, I prefer that look.  I did not wax or add tough coat because I wanted the flat paint look of the chalk paint to be the statement as well as the color.

Let me know your thoughts on this color and if you've tried any of their paints as of lately ... 

February 7, 2018

"My Favorites Things" Monthly Giveaways | February

Welcome back and are you ready for My Favorite Things in February?  I know I'm a little late but here we are, seven days into month number two!  Who's ready for it?  Are we ever ready?  Well I'm going in hopeful and strong.  Adventure and relaxation is what I seek this month and looking forward to sharing lots of love along the way. 

Its not always easy with my day job and mom duties calling to get all the things I want to get done in a days worth but I do my best to deliver and my best to accomplish what I can when I can, and still have time to enjoy this so called life.  Currently I'm just looking forward to a fun quick turnaround trip to San Fran this week which will not consist of a whole lot of R&R but a much needed mini getaway for a little business and adventure all in one. 

By the way, thank you guys for all the love last month and new subscribers due to January's "My Favorite Things" giveaway.  And so it brings me to this month's favorite things.  These are some favorites I came across on the web and while out shopping back in December and January. 

 The Little Market a small yet well known online shop by Lauren Conrad, whom I'm a huge fan of by the way.  Love that even though its founded by a celebrity it still has that small shop feel and focus is to empower women as a non-profit.  Carries handmade quality items, not all very affordable but worth every penny for such a great cause.  I bought my daughter a couple of things from there over the holidays and came across their handmade tea and hand towels, so I thought of you guys and made sure to include it in this months favorites.  Inspiration came from the blush pink stripes and thought how perfect for February.  The hint of blush pink, so perfect, don't ya think?

This month's giveaway having been inspired by this kitchen tea towel, I knew I wanted to keep the momentum going so while out shopping at Homegoods I found this very affordable and perfect wooden copper handle  spatula.

This Month's Favorite Things Giveaway includes...

Homegoods | Copper Handle Wooden Spatula 
(similar ones listed below)

The Little Market | Ethiopian Cotton Hand Towel - Pink, hand-woven by artisans

You guys know the rules, MUST comment and subscribe in order to be considered and entered for the giveaway.

Thank you to all who are old and new to the blog, welcome and good luck!

Similar items below .... 

February 5, 2018

January Happenings & February Comings

I really don't even know if I know where to start.  January was one that I kinda planned for this year, which I don't normally do.  

Normally I just keep January open because creatively I'm at a loss and feeling pretty blah.  Which I still am kind of, except I did want to plan a few posts that I was really inspired by and wanted to share with you, so I actually posted 7 blog posts this month, can you believe it?  Seven?  I'm pretty surprised myself.

I didn't actually work on a whole lot of DIY's, except my dollhouse project and a chair that I finally got around to finish this past weekend.  Although I did manage to share some words of wisdom with my Word of the Year, even some deals and steals with February Home Decor finds for ya and even got down and personal with my personal health issues well I think its safe to say that I am changing things up a bit over here.  I love that with a lifestyle blog you can pretty much head in every direction your heart desires.

Not to mention I've even decided to give back to you by hosting my favorite things Monthly Giveaways this year.  I've been blogging  for four years now and I hope that as I continue to blog and grow, that you too continue to read and follow and know that I want and try to give back just as much as I receive!

Though lots of wisdom was shared last month, February is hopefully going to be a more hands on kinda month.  I even forsee an Entry Way makeover on the horizon that I'm very excited about.  That and a few more things getting done and I'll make sure to share them with you here, but first we're heading to San Francisco for a quick two-day turnaround trip.  While my daughter gets to hang out in meetings with her Sephora team (oh how dreadful for her ... lol) my son and I will get to explore the city just a little bit.  We're pretty excited about where we're staying and our surroundings.  We're pretty much in the heart of it all.  So lots of coffee, food and museums planned for our trip, stay tuned and make sure to check out my IG stories for some sneak peaks.

I love sharing as much as I can with you guys and hopefully I'm not boring you too much, but this girl appreciates reasonable feedback and one that helps me, help you.  I love to read your thoughts so don't be shy and share them below in the comments.

I cannot wait to see what fun February will be, so let's enjoy it together.

Anyone have plans set in stone for Valentine's day yet?  Or anyone throwing a Galentine's just for the girls this year?  My daughter is and I'll make sure to share it on my Instagram stories as well.

Talk soon.

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