March 26, 2018

Dollhouse Project | The Floors

Okay, so I'm back with yet another update on my dollhouse project.  Which let me tell ya, just keeps getting better and better.  And I'm so happy that I've been taking my time with it, because I want this dollhouse to reflect a part of me.  This is what I see my future farmhouse cottage eventually looking like, one day, because this girl has dreams.  Except I'm also working with things and items that I already had or went out and found on the cheap aka bargain!  So maybe not exactly how my future house looks like and more of how we're creating our home now, with all the budget friendly tools. 

I want this dollhouse to have all the cottage coastal farmhouse feels.  Because I am a southern California native and love architecture and making a home feel cozy and neutral, I wanted the floors to really be the impact of the indoors.

You guys know I love dark wood floors, they're in our house originally and therefore when I found this drawer liner at the dollar store with the dark wood pattern, I couldn't resist.  I bought this roll, probably almost 1 1/2 ago knowing that I would one day use it in my dollhouse.  I told you guys, I had this dollhouse on my mind before I even found it.  But I knew that eventually I would.

The drawer liner that I placed on both the attic and living room of the house, did bubble up a little bit so I had to make sure to glue it down in most areas.  Its not perfect, but the imperfections will get covered by furniture and things.




For the bedroom flooring I used Popsicle sticks I bought a couple of packs at the dollar store.  This was the first floor that I worked on and originally wanted to do the whole house this way but unfortunately the cutting of the Popsicle sticks was wayyyy to time consuming and would've taken forever to finish.  I just didn't have the patience.  Not to mention it was a bit painful on my hands eventually.

Once those were glued down and fully dry, I went ahead and added a clear satin varnish to seal them.  I already had the varnish from previous projects but you can find this exact one at your local Michael's.

This is the view from the front of the dollhouse, which I love what a difference it makes to have floors finally finished.  Means we can now move on to some more fun stuff.  Like furniture and decor.

As you can see I've continued to add to the outside of the house with the finished balconies, I'll be posting about that soon, but I'm still working on the window boxes.

Both the kitchen and bathroom I did the same tile vinyl flooring as well.  I didn't want to fuss looking for a different pattern and I wanted to use up the whole sheet that I bought and since I most likely won't be using any leftovers on anything else.

Here's a breakdown of the supplies I used and bought for the flooring in each room.

I hope you guys are still interested in seeing more progress, I know I am.  I'll keep sharing as much as I can and remember to do, but the best part will be the final reveal especially for me.

Although I'm still on the search for a few special pieces.  I am starting in the kitchen, so stay tuned.


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March 16, 2018

28 Free Kitchen Decor Printables

I have a few free prints for you today, I love a good print and a free one even more so and there's one that fits any kitchen style here, today.

I'm actually going to be incorporating a few of these in my own kitchen/dining space for the season so stay tuned for that.  I'll probably show you over on Instagram once I get those up.

In the meantime, feel free to browse and pick your favorites, there's plenty to choose from and many more where these came from.

These kitchen decor printables make for an easy and fun way to spruce up your kitchen. There are a handful of different styles that would fit all kinds of kitchen design themes and uses.

If you’re looking for a vintage farmhouse style check out the vintage silverware or wine bottle opener prints. These both go great with black frames and you can hang the silverware prints next to your china cabinet or display hutch and hang the wine bottle opener next to your wine nook.

[Download Vintage Silverware print via Dropbox]

[Download Wine Bottle Opener print via Dropbox]

You can also take the watercolor herb prints and make a gallery wall if you have a larger space that needs to be filled. Frame and arrange the herb prints in a row or window pane style. These also go great outside if you have a covered patio and herb garden.

[Download Herb Wall Art prints via Dropbox]

Be sure to check out all 28 kitchen printables designed by Kitchen Cabinet Kings. The “Add a Dash of Spice to Life” print is one of my favorites.

[Download Dash of Spice to Life print via Dropbox]

Dash of Spice

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Age and Wine

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But First, Coffee

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Family Makes This House a Home

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Good Ideas, Great Coffee

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Happiness is Homemade

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Herbs Prints

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Adding one or some of these prints to any kitchen style decor, is sure to be a conversation starter.  They're perfectly subtle and easy enough to add to a clipboard and hang on any wall, or a nice vintage frame or even just taped on the wall with some washi tape is pretty trendy these days.

There's quite a variety of prints for you to choose from and they're free, which makes this gift that much sweeter.  I personally love to print my larger prints at Staples as engineering prints but for letter sized or smaller prints a regular jet-print color printer works perfectly fine.  All you need is good card stock paper.

I hope you're all having a great week so far!

And a huge thanks to Kitchen Cabinet Kings for these wonderful printables.

March 14, 2018

Boho Spring Style | Coachella Inspired

This post contains affiliate links to items I personally have purchased and/or highly recommend.

These Spring looks are inspired by So Cal's most popular outdoor festival, Coachella and I don't mind it one bit.  I love boho style anything, I am a hippie at heart, and yes though I love a lot of different styles and fashion wear, this is by far one of my favorites.

Incorporating just a few bohemian pieces to your closet is all you need to pull off the look.  I love wide leg pants with a print because they have character and are oh so comfy!  And flowy tops take make any outfit just as cute.

 Turquoise, gold and silver jewelry pieces, cross body bags, print maxi dresses and wedges are so easy to find either at a local thrift shop or even through the retailers below, great quality at great prices.  

Lauren Conrad is not only one of my favorite designers but lately she's been executing some of the most beautiful pieces through Kohl's at reasonable prices and I've listed a few of hers below too.

Though I won't be attending the festival because I'd probably be the oldest one there, okay maybe not the oldest, but I'd feel pretty old.  Its about a month away so I know some of you gotta get planning! 

I love all the fashion vibes and music and the comfort of all the different styles that you can incorporate while wearing a cute outfit for such an event.

I hope this inspires you to get into that boho vibe or if you will be attending the festival, these are some looks you'll want to rock out in for sure.

Peace and happy Spring!

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