Jun 21, 2017

The Clutch In The Junk

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet up with a few local Instagram influencers.  Are you wondering what I mean by that?  Well let me tell ya, an influencer is . . . 


a person or thing that influences:
The most powerful influencer of beliefs is direct experience.
a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media:
Companies look for Facebook Instagram influencers who can promote their brand.

. . . so yeah that's basically what an influencer is, glad I could clear that up for ya =) 

Not everyone we follow and connect with on social media is a blogger, some just prefer to share their talent through social media without the Blog or YouTube channel, which is great and I loved that the sweet and talented diy influencer Leslie from @thislittlehouseofmine reached out to a few of us via Instagram to get together for a day of junkin' at the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena.  We had the best day meeting for coffee prior to heading there and then we all just seemed to hit it off as though we'd known each other for the longest time.

That place is so big and there's so much but I didn't really find anything I happen to be looking for in particular but the funny thing is I did find this perfectly imperfect leather hand clutch, I'm a sucker for a good ol' vintage clutch, I don't have a ton but I have a few and I love them.

For me a clutch is my go to when we head out to a dinner party or date night.  Even during the day if I find that its appropriate with my outfit or for a wedding at any time of day this is staple with any dress, romper or mom chic style.

I'm no model or styling expert, but I had to capture a few pictures of the clutch to share with you guys.

For $8, I have to say this was a no brainer. There was another clutch I saw within minutes of us walking in, a cow skin clutch and I loved it but it was too much for what I was willing to spend.  This leather one I didn't actually see until almost the end of our junkin' venture and I actually happen to love it more than the first one I saw.

It does have a few imperfections that you can see in the pictures but I think it just adds character and tells you that this bag has been loved.  Its a suede in the inside and has a few pen marks as well, but over all this was a must have for me, the gold tip on the flap of the clutch really sold me.  Just a touch of classy.

What do you guys think?  Was it worth the $8?

Do you find it necessary to have a clutch for those evening outings or for that wedding your dressing up for?

Would love to hear your thoughts, but over all I had to share this find with you guys because as much as I love coffee, diy's, crafting and furniture makeovers, I also have a love for style, not as much as I did in my twenties but definitely still love the necessary staples for when we simply want to feel girly that completes the process of putting on make up and dressing up.

Till next time! And happy first day of Summer!!

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Jun 20, 2017

A Summer Body & Beauty Fix with Nip+Fab

Today I'm here to give you guys the scoop on some Summer body and skin care products you'll want to have, trust me. 

I think like me most of you have tried many skin care and body care products, I personally love to change my routine from time to time.  Even better so if they give me better results.  Truth be told, if I don't see change or better results within a couple of weeks, I'll turn right back to the familiar.  

Recently I've noticed that my face and body were getting too comfortable with my same-o routine and was starting to realize I needed a change especially with the Summer season.  In the hot days of Summer I hardly like to wear makeup and in order to feel comfortable not wearing any or much I prefer to have sun kissed and somewhat flawless skin if I can pull it off.

I have always had a hard time finding the right skin and body care for myself, I'm very much a person that loves a referral or recommendation and luckily I had heard of Nip+Fab before, so when they reached out to me their timing couldn't have come at a better time and so I decided to give them a try.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was both surprised and happy to see that it wasn't just another day and/or night cream.  They actually sent over four of their best products.  

It was the perfect combo for this Summer!

Their Cellulite Fix which is perfect now that Summer beach days are upon us and even if I'm not 100% toned, at least those dimples will be somewhat less visible. So I was excited that this was in there.

As mom's or just women in general in all shapes and sizes, we tend to have those cellulite problem areas.  After motherhood, I noticed they were showing up in my belly area and thighs and even though I work out they're still there.  As I've gotten older, it's even more obvious too.  So far I've been very impressed with their Cellulite Fix and have seen results.

The Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme for anyone like me, who suffers from acne and scaring, this is for you.  I have suffered from acne and scaring my whole life, I had done well hiding it and making it go away but as I've gotten older realized it was getting harder to getting the scarring to disappear and instead hiding them with make up.  These pads have been a blessing and I'm certain you've heard of them before because Kylie Jenner had endorsed this product actually.

I also received their Glycolic Cleansing Fix and Glycolic Scrub Fix which by the way smell amazing and the results of these two are by far some of my favorite and you will see results quickly, thankfully. Scaring and blemishes will disappear, not completely, but you will notice them fading.  

My skin is sensitive but these products were not harsh to my skin, I had no bad reactions either.  They do contain glycolic acid and salicylic acids but there is only 3% and they are what helps reduce the scars and blemishes and help make your skin feel cleansed and rejuvenated. 

When you visit Nip+Fab, you will notice that their products are drug store pricing and for the quality of these products I would have expected them to be higher but I'm sure glad their not because I am happy to have found the change my skin and body needed and I hope you think so too when you decide to give them a try.

Don't forget to check out their Instagram @nipandfab and give them a follow!

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Full disclosure products were received in exchange for a honest review, all opinions and photos are 100% my own!

Jun 14, 2017

All the Summer Feels

At the beginning of June I started to feel all the emotions of what the end of Spring and beginning of Summer brings.

Mostly good of course.  I very much look forward to making Summer memories with my family.

This end of school year though, is a bit more emotional for me than the others because I have not one but both of my kiddo's graduating from junior high and high school.  Including one of them, the youngest, is turning 14.  

And although it is somewhat emotional to think about it's also an exciting time.  I'm excited to be celebrating these happy beginnings and milestones with my children, and very much looking forward to spending the Summer with them.

We used to make bucket lists, but as the years have gone by we've been kinda winging it.  

We realized its more fun that way, its more spur of the moment and don't feel the pressure of having to do it all if it happens it happens and if it doesn't, its okay.

Doesn't life just seem less pressured during the Summer though, because its practically a break between the madness.  I love that we get to just sit and relax and enjoy each other's company without the pressure of school work and holidays.

This year I don't plan to fuss too much with our indoor home decor,  but don't hold me to it, just going to try keep it pretty simple and clutter free as much as I can.  

Especially with the California heat running through our home, without air conditioning, we really have no other choice but to try to enjoy the Summer weather indoors and out, but guess what, we'll mostly be outside, keeping cool, making memories that'll last a lifetime.

Tell me . . . 

What does Summer mean to you?  How will you be enjoying Summer this year??

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Jun 5, 2017

Our Dining Table Makeover {Numero Dos aka Number Two}

You're probably thinking what a nut I am for re-working our dining table already.  And if you watched my Instagram stories you might have noticed the work that went into it this second time around.

I promise you it was easier than it looked.  Unfortunately due to my limited play time, it did take me longer to finish because of the little time I had throughout my work week.  Though anyone can basically finish this project in a couple of days if really dedicated to accomplishing the task.

The first time around, which you can read about {here} was a bit easier because I hardly had much to do, or should I say we, since my husband assisted.  Plus I simply went over it with the same color black that it was in already originally.  I was just beginning in my painting furniture adventure so this was a random act of let's just get it done, not caring or knowing much about the paint I was using, but at the time it seemed fitting and most original to the paint color the dining table already had.

It's a solid table and it was a hand-me-down, but a good one at that since it is a Pier1 table.  The problem though with this table was that black was not the only color, it had an red undertone since it's overall look was meant to have a worn rustic look because of the black and red peeking through.  

Black just wasn't working for us in this space anymore because it was feeling dark.  With dark floors and not a lot of light the dark table was making it feel even darker.  I was willing to live with it a bit longer actually until I noticed that the black coat I had given it in my first makeover post was starting to peel off.  This table is basically our everything table, you come in and drop off groceries on it, kids to homework, projects, including myself so yeah, it was only a matter of time and it wasn't looking that great anymore.

I'm guessing originally they used a red stain underneath the black because even after I stripped the table with Citristrip stripping gel it wasn't coming off completely. 

Here's what I had to do basically, I followed the instructions for the stripping gel first and let it dry about an hour or so, then I simply grabbed one of our scrappers and got to work.

After a while this what it looked like, of course I took breaks in between and because I simply didn't have the time to work on it all day and night, within a couple of days I finished stripping it and sanding it.  Then I finally got to priming it because even though I was using a chalk paint I did not want the red stain to bleed through.  Wasn't taking any chances.

After this part was done, I finally got to the fun stuff.  This time around I knew what I was doing more so than the first time and I wanted chalk paint because its easier to fix with chalk paint if in the future it may need another coat or fix.

Thanks to Country Chic Paint, I was able to use their color Simplicity for this second makeover.

This makeover has made all the difference with the look of this room.  Now I'm just looking to either re-doing our metal dining chairs or finding a different more appropriate style chairs for this table.  I'm not ready to part this table just yet because it is a quality dining table and has great bones.

I used Country Chic Paint's Tough Coat on this table because it is used pretty heavily and will last through hardcore wear and tear.

I hope you guys find it just as refreshing as I do to have a lighter color in our dining room and this table already feels like it even weighs less, I'm certain that it will last through our crazy projects, grocery madness, entertaining and so much more.  Chalk paint is tough and Country Chic Paint never disappoints, so I have no doubt that this time around it will be long before I decide to work on this table again.  

Now I'm off to figure out what to do with our dining chairs!

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Disclosure; I was provided with Country Chic Paint for this project, but all opinions are 100% my own.

May 16, 2017

How-To DIY Flower Arrangements & Tips To Help Them Last Longer

As some of you may have noticed, this Spring its all about those pretty flowers and displaying them all over your homes.

How you wish to display them, well there are many many ways, but I recently realized that for me the easiest way to display my flowers is in a mason jar because that's just what I have, simply because I've collected quite a few in the recent years.  Truthfully though flowers look pretty in any container whether its made of clear glass or not.

Nowadays you can use mason jars for just about anything whether its for beverages, storage, as a pen holder or display, they have many purposes.

I'm not one to buy flowers for myself to bring home.  But I might start, because this Spring I've learned to love them more so.

Earlier this season I took a flower arrangement class and it taught me a few things that I basically already knew but needed to be reminded of.

1. When cutting flowers to fit your container make sure to cut at an angle.

2. When placing your flowers in their water filled container make sure to clear any leaves that might be sitting to low and submerged in the water.  This will keep the water from getting green and slimy.

2. Flower's love fresh water, you want to make sure you change out the water every couple of days, depending on how it looks or fill it if needed, because flowers get thirsty especially during the warmer seasons.

They help make your home feel even more happy and warm.

And they really brighten up your mood.

Although these pretty wild things, were a mix of a Mother's day event I attended and from friends and relatives, they were nothing short of beautiful.

Every single flower shines with so much beauty and color.

I actually decided to play around with my flowers and mix them up from the different bunches I received.

I mixed them up according to color and flower types.  I also wanted my jars to be fuller but not unrealistically full, so I split them into a couple of different mason jars so I had some in my kitchen and living room.

I'll have to buy some for my bedroom too, I want pretty and happy in every room now!

How about you, do you buy yourself flowers?  Or are very much like me and only have them when gifted?

That's all about to change!

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