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Making My Own Lifestyle Changes + Five Things You Should Know at 40!

As you may have noticed we've been more focused on more self care, wellness regimens, every day life and all around making the best of our time together as a family because it seems like everything is just passing us by so much faster now that the kids are grown. And find ourselves with more time to focus on ourselves as individuals. Something my husband and I are still adjusting to.

As I've continued to update you here and on Instagram, since having healed from my surgery back in July, I've kicked things up a notch in my physical fitness regimen.  

This is quite the year for me turning 40, ahhhh forty, so surreal you guys, but I see it as a new beginning for me with all that I've been through in the last year. Not gonna lie though, I'll truly miss my thirties, they were mostly good to me.

I not only want to feel good and healthy as I continue to get older but now I'm focusing on not only feeling good, but looking good too and in being so much more positive than I've ever been.  Having a new outlook on life has really brought me so much peace. I want to like what I see in the mirror every day both inside and out because a healthy body is also a healthy mind!

And that's just the truth.

Kids Play Date with #KikkomanKids Cooking Party!

A little over two weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a Kikkoman Kids cooking party.  Though there wasn't any kids cooking, I made sure the kids enjoyed a couple of the recipes Kikkoman provided us with in order to host.

Full disclosure, Kikkoman did sponsor in helping host our party by providing us with aprons and coupons, but is not sponsoring this blog post, therefore all photos, opinions and cooking tips shared are my very own.

My nieces are the true inspiration behind these kind of events and parties I like to host.

My Life & Our Marriage In The Last Year

This post doesn't come easy to write, in fact it's been one I've been putting off for a while now.  To be completely honest I wasn't sure when I'd be ready to write this because where I am and we are now is far from where we were a little over a year ago.

I've talked about my health and what's been going on with that in the last couple of years and so thankful to be feeling like myself again, in case you missed it, you can read that post here.

Since I never really touched based on the struggles that came on last Summer for me and my marriage, I'm finally in a place where I can talk about it and not feel overwhelmed by the words and emotions that come flooding back.  

Truth is, we were on the verge of divorce.  But before I get into more of that, in retrospect of what's happened we're still very much in the process of healing.  No marriage is ever perfect but when you truly love and respect your spouse, things seem to come together easier and that's not to say that sometimes hard times are inevitable.  Nothing worth having comes easy and definitely takes time.

DIY: Rustic Shutter "Wall Hanging" MakeUp Organizer

I've been meaning to share this post for the longest time because it's one of my favorite DIY's yet!

Not only is it super easy and super cheap but also so much fun to put together and put to some use.

Times may be changing and Farmhouse home decor might not be the big thing anymore, but I still love a cool rustic piece and having them spread around the house is my favorite mixed with both vintage, antique and modern pieces.

Believe it or not, this only required an old shutter which I crackled and painted with Country Chic Paint products a while ago, Dollartree office organizing supplies and random screws.