January 18, 2018

Dollhouse Project | Painting 101

Pretty sure some of you already know what this post is about.  If you don't, well, you have to follow on Instagram or Facebook to get the sneak peaks before my posts.

I know, I know, I have a ton of other projects on my to-do list guys, but this isn't just any project, its a stress reliever for me.  When it comes to project painting for pleasure, I love a good project one that I'm passionate about and this is one I've been looking forward to for a few years now.

This year I'm focusing on me and the things that make me happy, I haven't put myself first in a long time, and if you read my word of 2018 then you also know that achieving the things that I start and the things I seek for myself.

Growing up I loved barbie dolls and anyone will tell you, that I'm still a fan, I had a barbie doll house but it was one of those plastic ones, but I always admired the wooden doll houses you'd see in movies and though I never really looked, I would occasionally browse for one but never found the right one.  I happened to stumble upon a couple of these Melissa and Doug dollhouses on Instagram that mama's were working on for Christmas for their daughter's.  I wish I could say, that this dollhouse was for my girl, but she's older now and though she'll be admiring it and possibly working on it with me also, this dollhouse is literally all mine, too work on, to look at and admire as my own, finally.

I took advantage of the time I had on New Year's day to paint this dollhouse throughout the day, while binging on Grey's Anatomy and cleaning out more of the holiday stuff.  I knew that for this project I wouldn't have to buy any paint, because I have plenty of chalk paint laying around thankfully.  

For the base of the house I used Lazy Linen, which is a light grey, a coastal blue greyish color, that I previously used on this deconstructed side table.  For the doors, windows and trim, I used another favorite, Vanilla Frosting, both colors are from Country Chic Paint.

There is still a long ways to go with the exterior and interior.  But this is just the beginning and already I'm in love with this house even more now.  Not too sure in which direction I'll be heading with the look of this dollhouse but I'm guessing I might stick with the coastal cottage look.

I found the dollhouse under a hundred dollars during the holidays, I'll link the dollhouse below, the design, size and price of this dollhouse were all what I'd been seeking and didn't know it, until I saw it.

Painting the base and trimmings obviously a big brush is impossible to use, so for smaller projects, I like to buy the cheap mini brushes or kids brushes at the dollar store or if I find them on clearance at Michael's or Joann's then I stock up.  I say cheap because I like to use them maybe once or twice and toss them since they don't usually go back to being the same after you've washed and used them a couple of times.  Chalk paint does wash off a lot easier than other paints, so there are some smaller brushes that I've been able to reuse more than a few times, but its really in preference and how you like to maintain yours.

I'll be back with more updates as I continue to work on it, so stay tuned.

January 15, 2018

I Heart Home | February Home Decor

This post contains affiliate links to products I personally have purchased and highly recommend.

Believe it or not, January will soon be over and most of us start thinking about what to get our Valentine, probably about now.  

Except some of us, like me, start thinking of how to add touches of love to our homes, whether its in the kitchen, bath or all throughout.

Well today I'm here to share some inspiration and a few items I too fell in love with.  Though I'm not big on too much, I love having subtle touches of this special day to remind me how meaningful this day is to me and my family.

First, one that I just had to have and couldn't pass up was this doormat from Target, which I also listed below in case you want to get this cute mat for a great price!

Warms up your front porch instantly, probably one to keep around all throughout Spring too.

So if you're looking to warm up your space with some February home decor, you don't want to miss out on some of these deals.  

I tried to find the perfect 'not so overwhelming' accents that you can easily add to each room.  Its always fun looking for these deals because you can easily get inspired and want it all too.

Quick note; ALL of the items listed above DO come in a pink, blush or red even if  not shown in that color.

I'm not normally a huge fan of the color red, but Valentine's day holiday is the exception for me as long as its not too much.  I always lean towards the more neutral colors as you know, and blush pinks are my favorites, though its not a color I'd choose to have in my home all year round, its one I can definitely do for this particular month.

Hope you find some inspiration from these choices and that you find at least 1 or 2 things or more that you too can add to your lovely homes!

January 12, 2018

"My Favorite Things" Monthly Giveaways | January

This post contains affiliate links to products I personally have purchased and highly recommend.

I am sitting here appreciating this week because we got some rain and we just don't get enough of it!  It's not that cold here but this week has consisted of cool temps and rain and we love it but starting today 75 degree weather into the weekend, so yeah, its very much a California winter … how’s the weather over by you? 

Though I do like taking all the Christmas decor down soon after Christmas is over and starting fresh. Keeping around warm textures and adding in some “winter” greenery and lots of whites, candles are always a good idea too, especially in the winter months, warms up a space instantly.

I'm always so thankful for the holidays and miss them truly when they soon fade out but I appreciate the month of January for the fresh start that it gives us.  Taking time to recollect all the wonderful things that the previous year brought us and looking forward to the new year with open arms.  Normally I do a January giveaway for my blogiversary but this year I decided to do it all year round (hopefully all twelve months) and hopefully you all see it as an opportunity for more than one of you to win a little something, I love giving back and this is a way for me not to only give back but to say Thank you.

For being a part of CCB, I decided that for 2018, I would put together Monthly Giveaways for my readers, followers, & loyal subscribers.

These fun monthly giveaways, will only be available for entry through the blog.  These will be random items of My Favorite Things (aka finds), I will be on the hunt for home, beauty and lifestyle goodies to giveaway and will consist of my favorite things that I am certain you will want also!  Value of the giveaways will vary but they'll be well worth the entry and the wait once its on its way to you, if you happen to be the lucky winner.

The items I chose this month were inspired by the picture below.

Danielle Poff Photography
Photo Source 

For my, “My Favorite Things” January giveaway I wanted to select neutral accents you could use to warm up your space 
…some of you are still entertaining this month with family and friends with extended holiday stays and festivities, so these seemed perfect for this month.

Host in style using the white round serving board with grey marble finish and gold writing that is perfect for serving your favorite cheeses and fruits for a gal's brunch or evening with friends.  And what better way to get everyone in the mood for dessert when you have a delicious and beautiful smelling Salted Caramel candle around.  Both exclusively from Avon.

This is strictly for my lovely blog subscribers. I want to be able to have each of you get a chance to get something special and be inspired by my selections each month. 

So rules are as follows:

1. Must be a Subscriber here at Charmed Crown Blog. Just add your email to the “subscription” box at the top of my home page.

2. Must comment below.

3. Must be a U.S Resident.

Winners will be contacted at the end of each month via email. 

That's it, subscribe and comment, super easy.  Again, thank you for being a part of CCB!

You can this purchase the similar marble cheese board below ....

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