Mar 16, 2017

Our Mini Office moved to the Living Room

An unusal update from my usual, but I've been in the mood to share more lately of the happenings around here.  With so many updates and changes and renovations going on in our home right now, I feel as though we're seeing small yet big progress.  With that said, this is one that has nothing to do with renovations except that I decided to move our mini office space from our master bedroom to our downstairs living room.

I felt a change was needed because I felt with the computer being too close to me, I was literally not getting the getaway feel in my bedroom that I desperately need on a daily.

To be honest, we hardly use this space anyway.  My daughter and I use it the most only when it comes to editing photos and is useful for when school projects and homework are in order otherwise it was basically hiding upstairs.

Although our master bedroom is spacious and can fit just about anything, I still don't like it to feel cramped or have too much of our day to day stuff in there, call it feng shui if you will, but that's just how my mind has always worked.

The space is still simple and I might be adding a couple of things, like a plant in the corner, the chair isn't staying either, plus I'm even thinking of making that wall behind the desk into a shiplap wall, because this year I have goals!

I'm still very much in awe over this vintage desk I found on Craigslist and made over with some Country Chic chalk paint and it has so much space in those drawers.

For the most part this corner is what it is right now.  It even almost adds a formal feel to the space as its progressing.

Unfortunately its been quite challenging to really make this space work when its such a narrow awkward space but getting it all figured out is what's also been interestingly fun.

Soon I'll be sharing a little big more of the living room space with you as well, which I'm really looking forward to.  So stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe to my blog for future posts!

Mar 15, 2017

Moss Covered Monogram

I have to give you all credit for this one, honestly if it wasn't for so many of you who constantly inspire me through this blogosphere world I wouldn't be so inspired on a daily basis, I literally have a list that who knows if it'll ever end.  So many of you motivate me and inspire me to try some if not most of my DIY's shared here and hopefully I can inspire a few of you along the way too.

But before I move on to showing you the details of how to make this Spring inspired monogram, I'm so excited to share with you all that this year, myself, amongst other talented creatives, were chosen as Ambassadors for National DIY Day which is right around the corner, April 2nd to be exact.  Best part its all for a great cause, as ambassadors for this special day we're supporting and their mission to give teachers a hand by providing much-needed classroom materials that also provides the assistance for them to continue helping our kids grow.  Isn't this awesome, just another excuse to get creative and give back, all in one. 

As a mom who's been involved from PTA president to treasurer and a constant volunteer at my kids schools and now as a National DIY DAY ambassador I am proud to support and their mission to give teachers a hand by providing much-needed classroom materials so that their students can learn and succeed. National DIY DAY and Charmed Crown Blog are committed to supporting classrooms and providing tools for students and teachers to enhance the creative learning experience.

Support by Texting a Donation Today! Text the word “Give” to (678) 582-8594 and you will be prompted through a secure system to make a donation of your choice! 

Okay, with that said, now let's move on to even more exciting stuff!

I thought creating this easy and inspired moss covered monogram would be fun to add to our home for some Spring pizzazz!

Its super easy to make.

All you need is your own monogram which you can find at any craft store even at Target. I basically used one that we've had for quite a while now and wasn't to fond of so I thought I'd cover it up with hopes of me liking it more this way. Which I definitely do now.

You'll also need some moss which you can choose any type you want, but I found that this one here was already layed out and easy to use.  You won't use it all, which is nice because I like to have extra for other projects.

It was easy to apply and less messy than most but be warned, this is a messy project, so make room and prep your work area.

Simply lay out your monogram facing the opposite of the right side (which in this picture, I did not do that) so make sure to flip it the other way that is not shown here and trace around it with a sharpie, but extend the tracing about an inch or so to give yourself that extra moss that you'll wrap around into the back of the monogram.

Once you've cut the moss, you can use any kind of glue, I used this one and some of this one,but it could also be just as easy with a hot glue gun, which I just didn't have around at the time which almost always makes your DIY life a lot easier. To secure it in place I added a few staples in the back but you don't have to do this.  This is just me being diligent and extra cautious. 

You're end result, will be sticky, so I'd definitely suggest going with the hot glue gun, even those of us who've been doing this a long time, go bonkers and mess up.  Honestly I was working with what I had in hand not bothering to even look for mine, so here's a tip; always know where your hot glue gun is at all times! 

I love how easy and fun this project was and how it looks with my twig wreath and ladder.  That pop of green just says, Spring!

There's so many ways to display and play around with the moss covered monogram letters, so just have fun!

See you guys back here soon because we're not done with National DIY Day blog posts just yet!  And for my latest projects and updates on life pop in on my facebook or Instagram and follow along!

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Mar 14, 2017

Cold Brew Rise & Shine Lemon Iced Coffee Recipe

Disclosure: I was given Gevalia's Cold Brew Iced Coffee Concentrate to use for recipe development.  I am under no obligation to post a positive review, and opinions are completely my own. 

Truth be told coffee is as necessary for me as is food, air and water!  These days its basically the fuel I run on.  Pretty sure its my lack of exercise, but I lack energy period so unless I start my day with that cup of joe, I'm a lost cause, and good luck getting me to smile Lol

I have to tell you though, as the weather starts to warm up, its not always that HOT cup of coffee that I turn to, and a cold brew is my go to especially in the afternoons.  I'm not a frappuccino kind of gal either, I tried it, but it did not succeed, too much sweetness and not enough being able to make this cold brew from home without spending the extra change in my pocket and standing in that long line at my local coffee shop on a nice warm day, pretty much makes any day a good day.

So let me tell you just how easy this recipe is to make.

GEVALIA Cold Brew Rise & Shine Lemon Iced Coffee

Prep Time: 10 min. | Makes: 1 serving

What you need:

·        1-1/4 cup water, divided
·        ½ cup sugar
·        Zest from 2 lemons
·        1/8 tsp. vanilla
·        ¾ cup GEVALIA House Blend Cold Brew Iced Coffee Concentrate

Make it:

Microwave ½ cup water in medium microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1-1/2 min. or until
Water comes to a boil.
Add sugar, lemon zest and vanilla; stir until sugar is dissolved.  Let stand 3 min, strain into separate bowl. Discard strained solids.
Mix coffee concentrate, remaining water and 3 Tbsp. strained syrup until blended. Serve over ice in tall glass. Reserve remaining syrup for another use.

Special Extra:

For a creamier flavor and consistency, substitute almond milk for the remaining ¾ cup water mixed with the coffee concentrate and 3 Tbsp. strained syrup.

How to Store the Remaining Flavored Sugar Syrup:

Refrigerate the remaining flavored syrup up to 1 week before using.

Not only does it take about 10 minutes to make, there's no blending, no shaking, just stirring to make a perfectly cold brew coffee.

You basically already have everything you need at hands reach, no need for fancy tools or machines. Nowadays coffee is made in so many ways and although sometimes too complicated for me, I have to admit, this was the easiest, for me personally quick and uncomplicated is the way to go.

I wasn't sure how much I was going to like the lemon zest in my coffee but it adds that perfect punch of bitter sweetness mixed in with the homemade syrup, and its not too sweet but just enough for that savory coffee flavor.  

The best part is that you can make up to 8 cups with the GEVALIA cold brew concentrate and you can save the leftover syrup for up to a week and so the next time I go to make my Rise & Shine Lemon Iced Coffee, all I have to do is mix the GEVALIA Cold Brew iced coffee concentrate with the syrup over some ice, stir and enjoy!

For all you Iced coffee lovers out there and with the weather soon to warm up again here is So Cal, I truly recommend you go this route, you will soon be able to find GEVALIA Cold Brew Iced Coffee Concentrate House Blend and other flavors at your local grocery store.

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Feb 28, 2017

Self Care & Beauty | Some of Spring's Must Haves

I know its not Spring yet, but this season is quickly approaching and while I'm no expert except with my own self care, I thought I'd drop in and share with you guys a few of the latest that I've been introduced to.

Pretty sure you've noticed that I have been blogging more about self care lately as much as I normally talk about my DIY painting projects or home decor.

Don't be discouraged or disappointed because I will go back to that soon enough.  As of lately I've turned the focus more on my family and myself because we deserve as much love and care as our homes do.  I reminded myself this year that my blog is more than just about our fixer upper, its about everything inside of it too. A lifestyle blog is exactly that, a little bit of everything that comes with life. Including those of us that live in it.

I've even taken a back from my Instagram a little bit just to be able to be with my family, care for them and myself and finish some projects that I've had on the back burner.

So take note.  Our health and care is just as important as our homes.

So with that said, I'm here to talk about a few of these season's must have's in my opinion. 

I'll start by sharing the some of the beauty must have's that we just so happened to get at this year's GenBeauty Ipsy event in LA.  Its where lots and I mean lots of beauty and skin care brands launch some of the latest and best that they carry at the moment, even some that haven't exactly launched as of yet.

So here's the inside scoop.

They shared a couple of shadows with us this year but this color just so happened to be one of my favorites, and I'm a subtle gal when it comes to shadows on a daily basis, so this was perfect for me.  I don't see this one being introduced yet on the Jouer website, but you can find similar shadows here.

This nail color was another sweet freebie from GenBeauty and as of lately I've been all about neutrals and pretty pastels, and the name of this Nailhur nail lacquer color goes to show how popular it'll be for any Spring wedding this season.  Although I won't be attending any weddings this Spring season, I'll still be rockin' this nail color on a daily!

You can never go wrong with Clinique and I am a huge fan of their eye creams, this was a good sample size that we received in our GenBeauty gift bags as well and I love these sizes because although it may seem like very little they go a long ways, because you don't need much to unpuff those puffy eyes or lighten those dark circles when sleep deprived.

And last but not least the one that tends to be the most important especially now in my late thirties, face skin care is a must have no doubt.  

Avoiding those wrinkles doesn't come without some work or help from some of the best anti-aging creams.  Its not just about picking just any skin care cream for our faces, but choosing the safest.  Some thought has to go into this type of choice.

Being so, as of lately I've been trying something new.  Columbia SkinCarethey reached out to me and after doing a little bit of research, I quickly agreed to give them a try.

I have been using their Probiotic Concentrate and Complex skin care products and I love that they use only formulations of natural ingredients.  Its a combination of comprised probiotics (good bacteria) plant stem cells and peptides (amino acids), all of which uniquely combine to enhance the skin’s natural ability to renew itself minimizing the effects of aging.

Most of you may know that I am an Avon representative and I love it for everything that AVON has to offer, I've been buying and using some of their products for years, but it won't stop me from trying other beauty cosmetics or skin care creams if the ingredients in them are less harmful to my face.  At the end of the day our face is the first thing people see and I'd like to take care of it as much as any part of my body. Inside and out.

I don't often take selfies but when I do its only because I'm feeling good enough and looking less tired than usual {hashtag nofilter} I like to be as real as I possibly can with you guys.  I'm not trying to look better or different than what you'll see if we bump into each other at the grocery store or local restaurant.

If you're like me and has turned to more natural less harmful beauty and skincare products, you definitely want to give Columbia SkinCare a try for the sake of healthy luminous skin.  Which is good for your skin both inside and out.  Although in all honesty a little bit outside my spending range when it comes to beauty and self care products sometimes its worth putting your money's worth towards products that are going to deliver results and less harmful for you.

Columbia SkinCare currently has a great deal for anyone ready to change to a healthier way of caring for their faces .... 
Purchase either probiotic product and receive a FREE moisturizing
cream, a $38 value! Use code: ProbioticGift at checkout!

Let me know what you guys think of this post and if you'd like to see more of my fave or must haves in the future.  I hope that giving you guys an inside look at some of my self care products and beauty faves inspires you guys in more ways than one.

Would love to hear what your must haves or favorites are for the season or if you've tried any of these as of yet?

Disclosure; Sponsored post by Columbia SkinCare; who provided me with both Probiotic Concentrate and Complex for my review and opinion, which all are 100% my own. All of the other products were selected from my GenBeauty Ipsy freebie gift bag.

Feb 18, 2017

Affordable Teeth Whitening for Coffee Drinkers! + Giveaway

Today I'm going to get a little personal and share a little bit about my teeth with you guys, and how you too can manage to keep those pearly whites, well, white regardless of your coffee, tea or wine indulgences.  If you're anything like me and love it all, this is probably the perfect solution for you!

You guys know how much I love coffee by now and if you don't, now you do Lol. With drinking coffee comes the embarrassment of having to deal with less than white teeth. I haven't always been obsessed with whitening my teeth, although I probably should have been, but I have tried whitening my teeth in different ways before and ended up being only temporary fixes.

Yes, I even tried the whitening strips and have loyally been brushing my teeth 2 to 3 times a day with whitening toothpaste.  One thing I refused to do was pay a ton of money at a dentist office for teeth whitening, I've been tempted but it would definitely put a hole in my little pocket. And I've heard there are some pros and cons when it comes to it.  So eventually I became okay with my not so white teeth.

That probably would have never changed if it wasn't when I noticed my daughter was working with Smile Brilliant.  As a YouTuber she usually gets all the perks, so I noticed she was trying it out because she's not a coffee drinker but is an AVID tea drinker and didn't want to have the same stained teeth as her mama. She soon convince me to give them a try, and of course I was skeptical because none of the other products had worked for me before and there was also the concern for my sensitive teeth.

Smile Brilliant has thought of everything; their gels are easy to use, affordable, its all-in-one, and thoughtfully even considered sensitive teeth.  The kit is not only self explanatory but if you have sensitive teeth like me, they carry a Desensitizing gel, which is the one I use and still had amazing results.  Its nice when you know that a company has put some thought when it comes to those of us with sensitive teeth and gives you options.  The best part, they give you a mold to create a Custom Fitted Teeth Whitening Tray to fit your teeth. 

Before you can even start your teeth whitening process, Smile Brilliant sends you the kit with everything you will need, including trays and putty to take impressions of your teeth. One of the things I loved most about Smile Brilliant is that they make custom teeth whitening trays that fit your mouth and teeth perfectly in order to get an even whitening change, and because they are fitted specifically to your teeth they are comfortable to wear and you can even talk in them if need be.

I don't usually like to show you guys the unnecessary but if you're going to believe me and see for yourselves if it actually works, well I gotta show you the before and after right? 

Mind you I have not so perfect teeth and very exposed pores! #RealLife Lol

Both my daughter and I have been using Smile Brilliant for a few months now and the results are amazing, anyone I know personally will tell you, I hardly ever smiled showing my teeth before due to embarrasment but now, I'm all smiles with pretty white teeth!

The kit has lasted me this long since October of last year and still have plenty to last me quite a while, because not only do you use very little but you use it only consistently in the first month or two and then its only a few times a week just before you go to bed.  Or often as you feel necessary.

Watch this video for more info on how it works!

Here's another little amazing surprise, Smile Brilliant has allowed me to giveaway one of their kits, one lucky Charmed Crown Blog reader will win the Smile Brilliant T3 Sensitive Teeth Whitening System!

Follow this link to enter an exclusive Giveaway with Smile Brilliant for a chance to win a $139 credit towards your very own custom whitening treatment. The giveaway is open for two weeks for all USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents. 

However, in the meantime you can use my code: charmedcrownblog5 to receive a 5% discount on your purchase.

OFFICIAL RULES: No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this sweepstakes. By entering this promotion, entrant accepts and agrees to be bound by these official rules. Limit one daily entry per person. Entry open to anyone 18 years of age and over. Winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification.

Have you heard of Smile Brilliant before?
Have you tried other whitening products that didn't work?
Would you consider using Smile Brilliant?

{Disclosure; this is a sponsored post, Smile Brilliant provided me with my own whitening kit for trial and review, please note that all opinions are my very own.}

Teeth Whitening
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