Happy New Year | Welcome To My New Blog

Hello, Happy New Year and Welcome!

Today I'm officially introducing myself and my blog to all of you.  

I am not new to the blogging world, because I've been hosting a blog for my confections and home business.  But it won't be quite the same, as to how much more I'll be sharing with you here on Charmed Crown Blog.  I have so much to learn and in the process you'll be learning with me.

I am married to my soul mate, he's literally the one person that knows how to keep me grounded and we have two wonderful, super, talented children, can't brag enough!!  My daughter is soon turning 15 in March and my son is the youngest at 10 1/2.  We also have a Shitzhu named Rosa, her birthday is around the corner soon making her 8 years old. 

I've been a skeptic and its' taken me quite some time to jump start this blog for you guys, but I've been wanting to share so much of what I have experienced and will experience with you in the near future, its definitely a 2014 resolution of mine.

Here at Charmed Crown Blog, I hope to be more involved and share my easy crafts, budget friendly DIY's and party planning, memorable family moments, personal experiences that will hopefully help motivate you throughout, and I also hope to inspire your daily lifestyle with my love for vintage items, search for antiques, furniture makeovers, comfortable style, easy beauty and skincare tips, shopping on a budget and so much more.

Let's face it with the economy these days, raising a family, and with very little time, we could all use a little help.

Ever since I was little I've enjoyed interior/exterior design, going through home magazines and Martha Stewart being one of my biggest inspirations in home living.  And the extreme beauty of the outdoors there are so many experiences and memories we're able to create with our friends and family on a daily basis.  Growing up we were lucky to travel both close and afar, I have great memories growing up, but I remember most watching my mom being careful not to spend too much on the unnecessary.  It's inspired me as a mother to want to show my kids so much of what our world has to offer without indulging too much and living frugally comfortably.

I'm super excited to start this journey with you all, although its taken me quite some time to gain the confidence and courage to put most of my time and effort into this new project.  I truly do hope to not only please my readers but I also hope to accomplish so much more along the way. 

My son and daughter are my mentors.  They have taught me endless love and I can tell you right now, they will both be a huge part of this project as well.

Thank you for joining me again and I hope I haven't bored you all with my introduction. 

 Please feel free to share any beginner's blog experiences you've had or any suggestions and or encouragement in the comments below that can assist me is truly appreciated.


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