A MineCraft Birthday Party

Today I'm sharing with you my son's 10th birthday party a little late, but unfortunately my blog was not in existance last June.

I'd still like to share just a few pics with you guys of how fun and simple it was to celebrate this Minecraft adventure. My son is a Minecraft maniac like many boys these days. And still the madness continues!

Last year there wasn't as many Minecraft themed decorations available nor was there any piƱatas as there are now. So we had to compromise for an Angry Birds pinata and DIY some party decor!

Our party location was the local park, minimal was better since we had to haul everything there. Its not as easy as decorating at home but at the time our home being an apartment, that wasn't an option since most of the guests were less than 4 and 3 feet tall.  Still for my son who's very active a big area to run wild is the best idea.

This year birthday boy requested cupcakes and a cake, and cookie favors, so a bit of baking work for me.... 

 .... but we enjoyed decorating both the cake and cookies together.

A few pics of our guests enjoying themselves...

.... and we can't leave out a pic of  him opening gifts!

We can't thank our guests enough for attending and making this day that much more special for our young man on his 10th birthday celebration!

Thank you all!  And don't forget to check out this years Plants Vs Zombies party!

Photo creds to my darling and talented daughter!
Cupcake toppers and banner were bought and downloaded from Etsy. Used a 2inch round cutter for those!
The framed "Keep Calm and Play MineCraft" print was found online and I simply had it enlarged and printed on poster paper at Staples for $13!
All other prints were also found and printed from the web for FREE! 

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