July Was Good

I can't say I'm going to miss July, the heat was brutal but July was definitely a good month for me. 

Definitely counting our blessings as they come in any shape or form.

I was quite the busy bee with baking orders this month. From smash cakes, to cupcakes, to cookie favors! I'm not complaining but it was a bit exhausting, especially when you're also having to drive the kiddos to and from practices, to hangout with their  friends, events, plus I of course want to hangout with the kiddos too. So we tried and managed to stay cool, by either going to the beach with our church family, even went out for some ice cream, some frosty's, refreshing strawberry lemonade... mmm.... well.... you get the picture.


Hubby time was limited but I managed to get dinner on the table a few times and we both like quiet time together so that was doable sometimes too. But a date night or two are in order for August. And of course I'm excited for his birthday! Yay!

Oh and although I might have neglected the outside world of friends, loved ones and neighbors just a little bit, including not getting my weekend Crossfit workouts for the whole month due to sometimes baking orders and/or cheer practices, I was able to manage giving the blog some personal attention in my in between moments. Oh, oh and I got a haircut!

So? What do you guys think? 

About the BLOG, of course!

Honestly I'm very excited that I finally got around to giving this little space of mine a little face lift. It needed a little more character with the user friendly availability, just for you guys. Eventually (if ya'll continue to read and visit the blog) I hope to be able to make it even more so (as I continue to learn how to manage it myself) but for now I'm happy with it and hope you are too but your opinions good or bad are appreciated.

Well I'm excited and Welcoming August with open arms, which is rare but I believe its going to be another good one.

Let the games begin and I hope to keep you posted on all the chaos as it comes!


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