Plants Vs Zombies Birthday Party

Finally getting around to giving you guys a bit more than an Instagram glimpse of my son's 11th Birthday party.  This year he chose Plants Vs Zombies and if you have children of my son's age or close enough then you might be pretty familiar with this game. 

He plays it on Xbox but I believe there are computer versions as well.  Its pretty popular and different series to the game itself.  I appreciate it because it seems fun and harmless.  So on to the festivities!

He's had so much fun these last couple of years and as sad as I am to see him get older, he still very much appreciates the time and effort put into his parties. He usually picks out the theme and loves to help any way he can. 

This party like all the others I plan, I put lots of heart creativity but definitely on a budget. And even if I have the opportunity to splurge, I simply love making or semi-homemaking most of the party decor and details, its more personal to me that way and the kids have always loved to help one way or another. Which means they'll remember these celebrations for years and how their ideas were always incorporated in the planning.

Again, just like with our MineCraft party, I went ahead and browsed the web a lot and a little editing and printing is what works best sometimes and saves a ton of money!

These cookie favors turned out to be the cutest. My famous sugar cookies, with some fondant and edible pen markers to decorate these daisies, sunflowers and zombie tombstones, the kids loved them!

Chinese boxes below from the Dollartree store worked out so great for the party favors. Printed the images from the web, added some crepe paper, ribbon, 2 inch round cutouts and stamped with a Thank You rubber stamp. Voila!

The set up was pretty simple being that we were at the park and easy to clean up :)

The Cake pictures below were previously taken at home and of course I forgot to take pictures of it at the party itself but at least here you get to see what it looked like.  

Julian was again very helpful in helping with the decorating of his cake and the toppers are not edible, but were bought from Amazon actually.  I almost wish I would have bough more but the ones I got worked out perfectly for the size of the cake. 

 Birthday boy with some of his long time buddies!

Hope you guys enjoyed some of my son's 11th birthday party details.  Wish I would have taken more pictures this year of the whole area but when you're the host it gets pretty hectic.  

We thank all our guests again for helping us celebrate!

Most of the party crafts for decor were bought at Dollartree stores and printables purchased on Etsy, or already items we had at home||Pictures are all my own :)

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