NYE at the home of Home & Family!

This is how we decided to end 2014 by being a part of the LIVE audience at the Home & Family show for Hallmark channel at the Universal Studios Backlot.

Okay, so who else is a fan?  I know some of you have to be just as much a fan as I am of this show.  I absolutely LOVE the Hallmark channel for their movies but when I first started watching the Home & Family show back almost in the midst of their 1st season, and I've been hooked ever since.

Honestly, Mark and the whole cast are so fun to watch!

They all have something fun and different to share in the show plus their celebrity guests never disappoint.  Being there to experience the show live was so fun for the kids and I to say the least.

We couldn't pass up the free tickets and the opportunity after they emailed me with a reminder that they still had tickets available.

So we decided to make it a family affair, although sadly my husband couldn't get out of work New Year's Eve (the day we were attending the show). We still enjoyed being there and it was a super fun, and such a unique way to end 2015. 

Being able to meet the cast and guests and take a picture with the beautiful, sweet and super witty Kym Douglas was definitely my highlight and super awesome way to end the year! 

With the infamous Kym Douglas!  I had a moment you guys, she's my fave!

All pictures were taken with my phone since I wasn't sure we could bring camera's but apparently we can, just no snaps during filming.

If you haven't seen this show you must! Check out Hallmark for listings.

Happy New year!

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