Weekend Recap | Shopping & Santa Monica

Hi there its been a while, I missed this space of mine.  I'm back though and sharing just a little bit of fun and sun we had this passed weekend here in Southern California.  It truly was an amazing sun shining weekend and then a nice coat of rain on Monday to remind us that its still winter in fact. ;)

A fun weekend lied upon us this last Saturday and Sunday. But the most memorable was definitely the Saturday I got to spend in Santa Monica with just the girls.  My daughter's friend, Jasmine, joined us for the day.  Unfortunately we don't get out to L.A. these days very much unless its for a sole purpose.  To be honest I'm not a fan of the L.A. traffic but its nice to be in the mix of that urban atmosphere.  So much to do and see out there.  I hadn't been to Santa Monica in about 5 or 7 years.  Too long actually.  This year its a goal to get out more and travel locally a lot more.

Soon after getting to Santa Monica my daughter got to filming a YouTube video she had in mind for her Channel this week. In case you didn't know yet, she does this for a hobby and is pretty darn good at it.  Still learning but having fun as she's stuck with it for over a year now. So if you have a minute check it out here.

Jasmine (on the left) and my daughter, Faye (on the right) in the picture below.

Truly amazing, fun, free spirited young ladies.  They remind me of how young and fun it can be at their age, the world is in their hands and they can shape it any way they want.

Of course, what's a little leg work without shopping, and boy was their a lot of leg work involved, we literally walked all over the promenade plus the Santa Monica pier.

The girls introduced me to some LUSH Bathbombs that I absolutely had no clue about but they smelled delicious!

They're absolutely so fun and pretty!  We'll definitely be shopping here again soon.

We then made other stops along the way like Cotton On, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, etc... and then a cute little small French café, Cafe Crepe, for a cappuccino and some lunch with these lovelies!

Can't wait to do it again and share more fun local travels with all of you!

Tell me about your weekend or local spots you recommend?


  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! I was in L.A. on Monday and Tuesday for work but didn't really get much time to sightsee. I definitely want to go back out to Santa Monica though.

    Thanks for linking up at the #TGIFHop!!

  2. Ida, it definitely was a fun day and the weather couldn't have been more perfect, just like it has been these last few days. That's winter for ya in LA. Hope you get to sightsee more next time you're in town! And thanks for stopping by, happy to join the #TGIFHop!