A HEART Shaped Cookie | Happy Valentine's Day

Hello again and Happy Friday! Today I bring you one of my favorite sweets....sugar cookies!

As excited as I get for Valentine's day its partially due to the sweets.  They are my ultimate favorite, I'm a sucker for chocolate, cupcakes, cookies and just HEARTS in general,  Its the one holiday that you can expose your love for hearts to infinity and beyond!

Today I'm sharing these Heart shaped cookies I made for a friend's wedding last August, she included them in her table of sweets to serve her guests.  They turned out beautifully and I'm really craving one right now!


I love using fondant on my sugar cookies, it looks clean, pretty and just as delish as royal icing!

Below is a picture taken by my friend's wedding photographer at the wedding, I love the way they turned out and luckily so did she, they're so pretty and ready to be enjoyed by her guests!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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