March 23, 2015

Weekend Recap: Birthdays, Competition & More

I don't know about you guys but I wasn't ready for this last weekend to be over.  I'm still in Sunday mode! It wasn't as restful as some other weekends, but it was full of fun and activities indeed.  Both my daughter and nephew share a birthday.  My daughter turned 16 over the weekend and my little nephew turned 3.  But it wasn't all just fun and games, my daughter had competition for Cheer Saturday, we thought we'd be there all day actually and have to miss my nephews birthday party.  Thankfully, things moved alone fairly well and on schedule, therefore we were outta there just in time.  Hurried to the party and were able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with family and friends. 

Not much happened Sunday except we played catchup on home duties; Sunday coffee, Sunday cuddles and cartoons, sorting through mail, grocery shopping, laundry, and more birthday party planning for next weekend.

But here's a few pictures to give you an idea of what went down during Saturday's shananigans! Oh yeah, but not without a surprise visit from her auntie's and a surprise visit it was, confettie and all!

Don't mind us, it was a late visit (hints the no makeup) and my sister got her a Selfie Stick plus accessories for her birthday so we had to test out the merchandise, just to make sure she knew how to use it.

We had these fun shirts made for her boyfriend and her brother of course to wear the next day at competition.  Had them ordered and customized at our local 5 for $10 store. They were a hit!

We had so much fun, watching our cheer leaders and all the other teams take their place on stage and compete against so many High Schools!

Not only was Cheer competing but so was our Dance Team (below).  They performed a Hocus Pocus (movie) themed dance and song. This picture doesn't do them any justice.

This team below was pretty good too so I had to take a picture.

So much fun walking all around the Anaheim Convention Center watching these kids performances.  They put so much work and effort, it amazes me.

A gloomy Saturday morning quickly turned into a beautiful warm afternoon....

We finally made it to the park to help celebrate my nephew's birthday. (below)

A family member, my cousin's dog... Ozzy, such a cutie!...

and my son, Julian.

My daughter caught this beautiful sunset on our drive back home after a very long day.

Stop by and check out my daughter's photo shoot, here.  I finally got around to posting it this morning.  I was running on very little feul this weekend so two posts in one day, was very necessary.

How was your weekend?

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