Weekend Recap | In The Midst of Rain

Well looks like we survived the weekend! Although its never long enough it was still a very nice weekend.  Huge rain clouds in the sky with cold crip air, somehow brings out the best in me...
You must understand, when there's rain in Orange County, I feel spoiled.  These last few years haven't been the same without as much of it.  Yes, the weather is pretty nice here all the time, but the same weather all the time only makes you happy for so long, eventually having something different other than the normal is good for the soul.

 This month is my daughter's birthday, Sixteenth birthday actually so its a little bit of a big deal.  I'm a huge mess of emotions right now.  Sad, happy, scared, excited... you name it, that's me, all rolled up into one.

Not much else happened this weekend besides a sleepover my son had on Friday night and I also took them to Pump It Up an indoor jumper location for kids to let loose and let out all that energy.  Lucky for them it happened to be Glow Night so it was extra fun.  Some crafting here and there for me, cheer competition all morning into afternoon on Sunday with my daughter (they came in 2nd!) and because of the rain and cold weather, it was a perfect weekend for movies too.  Therefore the husband and I watched American Sniper finally, plus some Breaking Dawn Part 2 went into play for me and myself only ;)

So this weekend also consisted of my daughter's birthday pictures.  I was able to take a few sneak peek pictures of my own, with my phone, just to give you an idea of what took place.

And while it's still raining on this lovely Monday, we're very much looking forward to this month, with not only my daughter's birthday shindigs but Spring is blooming, St Patrick's is around the corner and then Easter, March is full of fun!

I even heard its snowing in Huntington Beach, today! How awesome is that!

Have a wonderful week!

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