My First Dresser Makeover

I'm happy to be sharing a small victory with you guys today.
In celebration of the fact that not only it is finally Friday but also most importantly I painted my very first BIG piece of furniture with Chalk Paint!

Its the first major piece of furniture I bought for myself over 10 years ago for my very own first place, back when along with the rest of my bedroom set.

But here we are now and I wasn't planning on making a post about this piece because I didn't do step-by-step photos or tutorial on How-To but I did take before and after pictures so you can see the full effect sorta.

Although this piece is not staying with me and finally time to let it go brings me comfort to know its going into a loving home where it will be appreciated as much as we have for so long.  Sadly we just have no room in our townhome for such a big dresser.

So I started by priming the dresser with a highly recommended primer bought on Amazon.  Then I painted the dresser with a furniture, trim and door paint I had found at Home Depot and because of the glossy finish I thought it would work best but once it was on the dresser it didn't look good.  And I wasn't happy.  But don't worry I'll be using that glossy paint on another piece soon to come.

As you can see I primed the piece with an all purpose primer and I loved it.  I definitely recommend it.  It is a bit pricey considering its only a quart but its well worth it.  Goes a long way and don't need to use too much just enough to cover the whole piece you're working with.

I went ahead and sanded it after to give it a smooth finish before applying the gloss finish but of course after that mistake happened I went ahead and sanded it again.  Because with Country Chic chalk paint no priming is necessary, I went ahead and just went over the gloss finish with the chalk paint in the Simplicity color.  And it adhered perfectly.  I went over it twice with just that 1 quart of paint.

I hadn't planned on painting the dresser with Chalk Paint, but I had already ordered these two quart paints from Country Chic to try out on a few other furnishings I plan to paint.  I'll definitely be ordering Simplicity again soon but I cannot wait to use the Liquorice too!

Here's how it turned out, and definitely the chalk paint contemplates the look of this dresser and gives it life again.  I apologize in advance for the garage pictures and the mess in the background but its what I have to work with right now and this piece is too big and heavy for me to move on my own.

The flaws and imperfections that this dresser has consumed throughout the years peak through with the white and make it that much more unique and eclectically beautiful. Don't you think?

Even the grain shows and makes it look that much more original as if almost not painted.

For some protective coverage I added some clear wax I bought at Michael's a while ago and finally got to use it ;)

Well there you have it and as afraid as I was about finally painting a big piece of furniture, I'm also relieved it wasn't as big a deal as I thought, and I definitely enjoyed it and cannot wait to do it again!

On to the next one!  Happy weekend!

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Disclosure; please note that this is in no way a sponsored post, these are all my own opinions and personal experience.


  1. It looks great! Where I live I have to make my own paint because they don't sell it here. I'm still tweaking the recipe.

    1. Thank you Mary K. and best of luck with that Chalk paint recipe, I hear Pinterest has great tips on how to's!