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I know with Fourth of July having come and gone, and of course end of school and Summer fun activities and all the in bet-weens, I simply haven't had a chance to give you guys an update on our latest move.

Believe me its nothing to brag about, its just of unpacking right now, ughhh no fun.  But this move should be our last for quite some time.  We finally bought our first home here in sunny Southern California which these days is pretty rough to find at reasonable or manageable pricing, but we're managing it, somehow.   Not without some sacrifices of course. We love it here because we're close to our families, friends and lots of other reasons of course, like the beach.  Being 15 minutes from the beach is nothing to complain about and worth many sacrifices.

We just couldn't keep renting, we wanted something to call our very own.  Both my husband and I have grew up here and have raised our family here, so Fountain Valley is home for us.  The plan is still to move and retire somewhere other than California in the far far ... far away future.

With that being said, for now we're here to stay and this one is definitely a fixer upper, like I said, sacrifices, a 1966 town home to be exact.  It has a lot of potential and in very decent shape, but none of the rooms have been updated probably since the 80's besides paint and the some cosmetics.

Which also means old kitchen cabinets, old bathroom cabinets, old counter tops, old shower/tub, popcorn ceilings, painted over brick fireplace, old windows, vinyl flooring, but lucky for us it came with new toilets and new carpeting everywhere! (which eventually the carpeting will have to go too!)
Like I said before it has a lot of potential.  What I love about it as it is right now as it is, is pretty much the open space, lots and lots of window light shining through and the very fact that its now what we can call OUR VERY OWN, and we can do whatever we want to it. Its a blank canvas if you will therefore the possibilities for now are endless.  I feel like a little girl in a candy store except I am on a budget but that's sorta my niche, being able to find a way around the expensive stuff!  Being thrifty and a bargain finder is what I look forward to even if I wasn't on a budget.  But it'll definitely take some time, lots of it.

Stay tuned for minor upgrades, makeovers and stylin' of our new home (new to us of course).  I just gotta figure out where to start because right now I feel like I'm all over the place trying to do it all at the same time.  But I gotta pick a room to tackle from beginning to end.

And far most importantly we love the neighborhood, we sacrificed already beautiful upgraded homes for location, and we don't regret it one bit.  The schools here are exceptional and the neighbors have been nothing but neighborly.  I love that we received genuinely warm welcomes right away.


On a side note; Last week I had the best week finding a couple of great furnishings on Craigslist at a fabulous price of course and I got to bring home a couple of free hand me downs.  I'll have to share those with you on a different post, I have not had a chance to photograph them all just yet. 

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Hope to see you back here soon!!!

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