Charming Dining Room Buffet Makeover

Okay, I'm no expert and working on these furniture paint-overs, makeovers, etc... doesn't make me one or any closer to being one either.  But it sure is exciting to watch something transform before your eyes as you apply a coat of paint.

I'm excited to share this piece with you guys because to me its just stunning!  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!  It was all wrapped up in clear wrap and stashed away on the 2nd floor of our work building just waiting to be taken and loved!  ha ha!

I knew how much more beautiful it could be with a coat of white paint.  But it had to wait until we had our new space to bring it home.  I have to admit, I'd go up there and admire it from time to time.  And now its finally where it was meant to be.

Here I only got a few before shots in the garage, so sorry.

Although the piece itself was worthy and practically in new condition, the wood color wasn't ugly but I wasn't fond of it either.  

Its a beautiful piece and after a while I thought it was the perfect size for our dining room.

Call it a Dining Hutch or a Dining Buffet as I call it, its just perfect to store extra dishes, glasses or napkins, table cloths, etc., in my case its where I'll be stashing most of my baking supplies.

The hardware on this piece is probably my favorite part of the whole thing, it simply needed no retouching in my opinion.  It's perfectly rustic and vintage like all on its own and goes perfectly with the white.

I used the Glidden Trim and Door Bright White to paint this piece.  Its for a high traffic area and is going to get used a lot therefore I wanted a paint that could withstand some usage for a long time.

Again I can't stress enough how much I'm not a pro at this but I'm pretty happy with the end result of how it turned out.

The perfect place for placing appetizers and/or drinks for a dinner party.


  1. Sandra that is one beautiful piece. I am no expert either, but I just dive in and go for it. There is no point in living with something if you are not crazy about it. And I am such a believer in the power of paint.

    1. Mary K. thanks again, you totally understand what I'm talking about. And best of luck with any project you endeavor.