September 2, 2015

Summer Come and Gone!

Welcome back and are you as glad as me that September is finally here?

Although our Summer isn't officially over yet soon it will.

Its been a busy Summer to say the least due to just having moved into our own home weekends have consisted of unpacking, small reno projects and diy's here and there, organizing, family functions, kids activities, now fall sports.... but it has been good none the less. 

 The kids would call it boring but definitely not uneventful for us as parents.

It was a different kind of Summer for us this year with both my husband and I working.  Last Summer I was able to enjoy being home and having small ventures with the kids from time to time.  The kids though have made the best of it this year, got to spend a lot of time with friends and do what tweens and teens do.  I was able to take my son to Pump it Up with  his sister and friends a few times.  I guess you're never too old or too big for these places.  

They always have a blast here.  Cherishing these moments for sure.
I was also able to take a little time off and took a small weekend trip with the kids.  A small venture to Arizona while Mr. went off on his Utah Bow hunting trip.  We got a great deal on groupon and stayed at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix. 

We had a pretty nice view of the hills and mountains and pretty blue hot skies!  Unfortunately we happen to be there on the hottest weekend this Summer, record heat in fact. These are views from our room's balcony.

Luckily we had eight pools surrounding us with waterfalls and plenty of entertainment.  First thing we did was hit the pool and had some lunch!

 It was pretty neat that they even had a Movie Dive-In for family night while swimming!  Movie of the night was Big Hero 6.  Kids including mine are obsessed with this Disney flick.

Enjoyed the resorts amenities including their beautiful restaurants, it was nice that everything was at the resort, we literally had no need to leave.  And literally couldn't since my car's air compressor broke on the way to Arizona, talk about heat exhaustion, so money was spent on fixing a portion of it in Arizona until we got back to California.  

Though we didn't let that ruin our fun, but still it's a fun story to tell and well we're definitely laughing about it now.  Even the kids are laughing and don't regret this trip at all.

The cabanas were a must there, the shade and comfort of being under a fan even outdoors well that specific weekend was particularly a must. 

We can't say anything bad about this resort, it was literally a great hotel, the service and staff were great and so kind and helpful.  

Besides the pool nearest to our room being under renovation, nothing bad to say about this resort.  It truly reminds me of a vacation resort in Mexico.

Took some shots of our last night there as the sun went down.  

Beautiful sunsets in Phoenix.

The best part of our stay probably was the comfort of our air conditioned room.  

We'll definitely have to go back in the Spring or Fall to truly explore Phoenix and go to the places we intended to see while we were there and couldn't due to the heat.

This shot was taken of my husband while on his trip to Utah, such a great shot of him and the view.  I had to share it.  We're framing this. :)

Just last weekend we had the best of full moons yet this Summer and my husband and his awesome equipment, was able to capture this shot, we're moon lovers around here!

After both our trips, we were exhausted from the drive and my husband came home with the cold flu.  While we were all gone the husband's birthday came and went, and we hadn't celebrated.  So we finally took some time this last week to enjoy a nice night out to dinner with the family to celebrate.  

We also did a little shopping and exploring over the weekend in the city of Santa Ana, Downtown to be exact.  My mother in law has her own business there and we stopped by to pay her a visit.

The windows even had great quotes on them!

"A little party
never hurt

I'd have to agree.

Stopped into 4th Street Market for a little shopping at Honor Roll.

They've really have spruced up downtown and we can't get enough of old towns and their history and architecture its our favorite.  We're surrounded by old towns in the county of Orange here in Southern California so its one of the perks of living here.

We explored a little and lots of new restaurants to go back to and try.  But this time we only shopped and the husband found his favorite hot sauce, so we'll be coming back more often that's for sure.

Well while our Summer is not yet over, this upcoming Labor Weekend is our last of the Summer therefore we'll be making the best of it in any way possible.

We're definitely looking forward to whatever September or the new season has in store for us.  More projects, trips, birthdays, etc... whatever it may be, we're looking forward to it.

Hope you had a great Summer too.

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