Corn Avocado Crostini Appetizer

Its almost Friday and a great day indeed! Ready for the weekend?  
I am.  Always. 

Today I'm finally sharing this scrumptious super easy delicious appetizer!

I was supposed to have shared this yummy treat with you over a few weeks ago, soon after I made it, but we all know how that goes sometimes plans just don't go our way.

This appetizer you guys, is to die for and very filling!  My brother can testify to that, he couldn't get enough.

For my birthday this year I didn't have a big shin dig or anything or even bother going out to dinner, but I did host a small dinner for my mom, brother and sisters to join us and come help celebrate with me and my little family.

I wanted minimal, I wanted simple and intimate.  I didn't want to slave in the kitchen but yet still make a nice yummy dinner for all of us to enjoy....and although it was a dinner full of carbs, it was evened out with lots of good fat and vegetables.

Dinner consisted of these yummy Corn Avocado crostinis (to start with), some wild rice and vegetable enchiladas.  That recipe I'll have to share on a different post, if anyone is interested.

Nothing fancy, but affordable and easy to make.  And probably a quick appetizer to have for game day or pre-Thanksgiving dinner right?!  I say its a go either way, so enjoy!

Click here to download the printable recipe or feel free to click on the image below.

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