Simple + Elegant {Thanksgiving} Tablescape

This post has been a long time coming or at least in my mind it has but never did I think, with my crazy life, did I think I'd actually get it done in time.  I finally got to play a bit more with the Cannon, so I'm hoping this is the beginning of a my rookie photo taking skills.

So here it is and although this tablescape is definitely simple, it's definitely a reflection of how we do things around here.  Simple and hassle free.

Of course this is exactly what I picture having it set up if was just the four of us this Thanksgiving in our round table of four.  But this Turkey holiday it'll be quite a few more guests, so a long folding table, decorated somewhat similar of course, will be taking its place.

Every single dish, glass, candle stick holders, faux pumpkin, cloth napkin, charger plates and turkey plates, table cloth... you name it, these are all things that I already had laying around or have collected throughout the years.  Nothing has been recently bought. 

The fact that I didn't even take the time to iron my table cloth, tells you that this was a quickly put together set up.  It dawned on me to just want to put it together as quickly and in very little time that we normally would have in a spare of the moment or with very little time.  So I did exactly that.

Because we gotta admit, it actually does happen that way sometimes.  Thanksgiving dinner plans aren't always planned or sometimes planned with very little time to worry about putting together a fancy tablescape and centerpiece.  Or we simply just don't want to put that much effort or worry into doing so.  This literally took me about 10 minutes. 

I love earth tones, neutrals and organic colors.  This tablescape says a lot about my tastes but it also shows that you don't have to put a lot of fancy color or thought into making a table look just as beautiful and elegant with minimal decor and with whatever beautiful glasses or dishes you may have laying around.

Hope this inspires you in putting together an easy tables-cape for your luncheon or dinner plans this holiday.  My goal is to try and be as stress free during the holidays as I possibly can, therefore, less is always more, is what I always try to say to myself during this time of year.

I'm linking resources for some of the items or similar to them if you're interested below.

Before I go, I'd like to say that I'm so thankful for each of my visitors and readers and followers.  Although I may not always have the time to blog even when I want to but I'm happy to always share my ideas or personal experiences with you guys from time to time.  I hope that you can always find inspiration and take of piece of Charmed Crown home with you.

Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.


Vintage Candle Holders Mikasa Edinburgh 1 Pair 3 inch Crystal - MIKASA

Turkey plates (Vintage)

Table Cloth & Cloth Napkins (Vintage)

Elegant Cut-Glass Dinner Plates - Dollartree

White Candlesticks - Dollartree

Utensils / Silverware - MIKASA

Faux Pumpkin (probably found at Michael's)

Goblets/Glasses - Dollartree

(Disclosure: This is a non sponsored post, all opinions and pictures are my own)

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