A Holiday Cookie Mess! {just the way it's meant to be} | #TDOC Day 10

Happy FIRST DAY of WINTER everybody!  Yay cold!

Because its been a bit of a chill around here we stayed in and baked cookies over the weekend with the kiddos.

We had a blast, cookies are our thing.  But my kids are very picky with their sweets.  So I could never make my own frosting or royal icing because they tend to prefer the store bought one, which I have to say isn't so bad and beats me having to make it, I guess. 

We added some sprinkles and voila!  We got a holiday cookie!  No pretty cookies here but delicious ones, OH YES!!!

 Its fun recreating these fun memories with them while their still considered my younglings and living at home because let me tell ya!... Time.... flies!!!

There was no IG while my littles were growing up which is good and bad, but I would have loved sharing all the fun things we did when they were younger, but its all good, because those memories are still very fresh in my heart and in a scrapbook for safe keeping.  Which is a goal I tend to make for all my phone pictures this coming year too, more on that in the new year of course.

Hope you'll come back for more for my #TDOC (twelve days of christmas) blog challenge Day 11 tomorrow!  In the meantime enjoy the rest of your week!

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