DIY Chalkboard Clipboards {JOY} | #TDOC Day 6

Today's post is a super easy DIY that I probably could have finished in one hour.  But of course, I tend to get sidetracked and tackle other things in between that it took me almost 3 nights.  I literally painted one clipboard per night.  But you don't have to, you can literally do this in ONE NIGHT or DAY probably even within ONE HOUR!!!

The supplies you see in the pictures below is literally ALL YOU NEED.  The chalkboard paint 4 oz bottle I bought at Michael's ages ago, which I've used in other projects that I have  and have failed to blog about.  The clipboards I found at the Dollar store including the set of brushes.  And because it gets dark so much earlier now and I usually don't have downtime until late evenings these pictures below are dark but you get the just of it.

Simply squeeze a blop of chalkboard paint onto the clipboard and get to painting.  You want to make sure you paint in the same direction for a more cohesive look.  That blop literally covered the whole clipboard just perfectly.  I added a second coat after letting the first coat dry overnight only because I wanted to make sure it lasts for some time.  But its definitely not necessary if you're pleased with the look from your first coat.  After they were dry, I cured them as you can see below by covering the boards with white chalk all around and left it that way for a few hours (actually I forgot about it) so only an hour will do too.  You can then erase that and start writing.

Here is how they turned out.  And I'll be keeping these here for other inspirational three letter words throughout the year.

If you've been procrastinating to decorate for Christmas this is the perfect project for you, its easy and useful in so many other ways so there's no need to take them down even after the holiday.

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"There is nothing so easy but that it becomes difficult when you do it with reluctance" - Terence

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