Our Holiday Cards 2015 | #TDOC Day 1

Hi again and welcome.  Today I'm finally starting my own Twelve Days of Christmas Blog Challenge.  In case you missed the post its here for you to get some insight.  I'm not partnering with any other bloggers on this challenge, maybe next year since this year it was a last minute decision on my part, and I'm not sticking to anything specific, besides the holidays.  So without further ado....

Having shared some of our family holiday photos with you guys this year, it only seemed appropriate to share our Holiday cards with you also.

Nothing fancy, but I was truly stoked at the deal I got from Groupon this year.  I was able to pay only half of what you would normally pay for these on Shutterfly.

So take it from me, its always worth snatching up those deals way in advance before the holidays when they pop up, so not only can you save a little money but also get your deal and order your cards early enough that there's no delay in getting them just in time to mail them out.

I ordered these mid-November and received them about a week before Thanksgiving, so at least that was done and out of the way.  We got to relax for a bit over Thanksgiving break until there was no more time to relax because Holiday chaos was in full effect.

I have never ordered cards through Shutterfly before.  Only pictures.  But I have to say I was very impressed with the quality card stock and their foil envelopes are beautiful.

Needless to say, I probably would not have bought these through Shutterfly if I hadn't found this deal on Groupon, like I said, I literally paid less than half of what the full cost would have been which would have been a little over $100 and I paid less than half!  Without this deal, I probably would have kept browsing till I found a better deal anywhere else, like I normally do until I find a decent deal. But I'm definitely keeping an eye out for this holiday deal again next year....

I love sending out holiday cards but I think this is the first year that I'm actually very pleased with how they turned out and I hope to make it a tradition for as long as possible.

Hopefully you were able to score this deal too or one just like it to save you a little extra Christmas cash this year to put towards gifts.  
I always look forward to letting our friends and family know that they're on our minds this time of year even if we don't get to see them over the holidays.  

Well there you have it, our Holiday Cards 2015!

Did you happen to find any great deals this year for your holiday cards?  By all means do tell :)

In the meantime we're hoping you're all having a fabulous Holiday Season so far....come back tomorrow for #TDOD blog post Day 2.

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