Weekend Recap: Black Friday Weekend in Photos

Happy Friday, I know we're already headed into the weekend and way passed thanksgiving weekend but we're hoping yours was just as full of food and happiness as it was for us. And before we dive into our regular only two day weekend :( I wanted to just share a glimpse of what our thanksgiving weekend consisted of.

We didn't get around to Christmas decorating just yet, but we still enjoyed the Christmas jolly that's already surrounding us.

Pictures were taken with my phone, not the best lighting, sorry.  There were some selfies involved, yummy food, some Thanksgiving aftermath (dishes ugghhh), Black Friday shopping + my Black Friday #OOTD and lastly the Patchwork Show to end our wonderful weekend.

Her Coat Jacket

What happens when you spend too much time at the mall.

My Jacket | Booties
Black Friday shopping wore us out, some of us more than others. We left my daughter behind with her bf, she was literally at the mall for 8 hours, gah!!! No thanks! 

Below are my boys shopping away for themselves rather than for Christmas gifts at the Patchwork show in Downtown Santa Ana.  Honestly I don't think they realize it but they probably like shopping at these types of events more than they know.  Lots of cultural clothing and graphic tees for them to buy.  I loved looking around at all the great handmade products, but this time around I left empty handed.  I got there without an agenda therefore I wasn't really in the mood to just buy anything but it was definitely a fun experience.

Are you #TWD fans like we are?  These were pretty awesome and the hubby bought a few things from Tee No Evil, if you're a fan or just like these super cool tee's I recommend you stop by their site.

His Cool Hat

His favorite hot sauce!

Hope you're looking forward to a weekend of fun and relaxation. Ours will be a bit hectic with soccer playoff's but we'll be making the best of it!

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