Weekend Recap | Shopping, Soccer & Sugar Rush | #TDOC Day 3


Again I know.  This is the second week I bring a Weekend Recap post to you just before the upcoming weekend.  But with the holidays we have to excuse ourselves and our tendency to be extra busy than usual, am I right? 

As you know I kicked off my Twelve Days of Christmas Blog post challenge this week and I think I'm doing ok so far.  Although this post may not be so much about the holidays, its very much surrounded by it.  I will be posting more Holiday related posts and diy's next week as I continue with Day 4 on Monday.  Although today I'm giving you guys a glimpse at last weekends somewhat holiday related shananigans!

We love shopping at Bella Terra in Huntington Beach not only because it's close to home but also during the holidays its extra special with all their Christmas decor!  If the lit Palm Tree doesn't say Christmas in California then I don't know what does!  

Last weekend literally consisted of not one but three play off games, ahhh!  So glad the season is over, but we will be back in the Spring!

First things first, Beer and Wine with chocolate tasting!  

Definitely can't skip a freebie of Joe's Ice, we've been fans for years, but apparently my husband had never had it.

We showed up late but got to skip the early crowd! 

I had been dying to try Viva Los Cupcakes for a while now, they're based out of L.A. so not so close but they made it out to the OC finally and they were everything I expected and more!  We literally bought one of each =)

We were able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with some sweets, Dunkin Donuts coffee and cupcakes, that's a win win in my book!

Hardly any rest, but we appreciate every moment we get to enjoy especially on the weekends! 

Thanks again to our friends at the Orange County Fairgrounds for the VIP tickets for Sugar Rush and till next time for now!  
We were first timers this year but we're definitely going back!

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"Grasp no more than what the hand can hold." - Proverb   

disclosure; all opinions and pictures are my own. not a sponsored post.

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