January 6, 2016

My Projects & Plans for 2016!

Hey there!  Welcome back and HAPPY 2016!

I'm actually just as surprised as you are that I'm actually here.  I'm happy to be back though and plan on being here a lot this year!  One of my many goals.

Honestly I just have to much planned and I'm hardly organized that I didn't care and well decided I might as well spill and let you guys know what projects I plan to tackle this year so far! 

I can get organized later.

But before I do, who else like us is planning on cutting back on spending for a month or two?  At least until we can recuperate from Christmas, right?!  

So basically I'm not planning on spending much on these projects just yet although they're not too costly but it can add up if I get project happy, especially when we shop at Lowe's or Home Depot, the husband and I can spend hours there if allowed. 

First we're bringing in a new Dining room table and chairs which I still have to sand and give a fresh coat of black paint but its a beautiful set already in black that was a hand me down from my sissy just has a few scratches and stains that need covering up.  Currently we have a round table that seats four.  This other set is still an Oval shaped dining table but slightly longer therefore can add a couple of chairs if wanted for additional guests.  I love our current table and chairs but we've been ready for a change and this new set (new to us) couldn't have come at a better time. Below is just a picture that reflects the look we'll be going for if I don't decide to paint it a different color last minute.

Inspiration Source Unknown
Second not sure if you remember this project, but I've had this armoire for a while now and started working on it about a year and a half ago but with our first move and later second move, well I never got around to giving you guys the finished reveal and its still not finished but I will finish it very very soon promise and bring it inside our home very soon too!

Third project is finishing touches in our kitchen, we have been so caught up with the holidays and holiday spending that the shelves for the kitchen have been put on the back burner but we hope to go out and buy those next month from IKEA plus we've had the Range hood sitting in the garage still in its box waiting to get installed, that should be something to be completed this month, crossing my fingers. To give the kitchen a comfortable, open and modern concept is my goal.

Inspiration Source 
Fourth, I have decided to move the living room around and possibly in the near future invest in new sofas, although the one we have now we've literally have only had for a littler over a year, I'm not sure I'm too fond of it anymore due to its shape and how its making it very difficult to work around with in the living room area.  Still trying to convince the hubs on that one.  For now it stays.

Fifth project is completing or at least getting a head start on the half bath downstairs.  Its a simple project but I've been having a hard time deciding on colors plus deciding on a pedestal sink or counter is another tough decision.  The torment!  Decisions, decisions!!!  Plus the previous owner left us with a ton of beautiful decorative square tiles some white, plain multi colored and some with stunning 3D designs.  I have been procrastinating on possibly covering the back bathroom wall or a portion of a wall with it.  Found some inspiration around the web, see below.  But I also like the bead board look so I'm still deciding but the tiles are already here and free so that might be our best option.

Inspiration Source

Sixth project is moving on my son's bedroom, yes its in clean decent shape and it got a coat of white paint when we first moved in but we have yet to actually put up shelves and frames or pictures and a color scheme if any but for now he likes the mute colors of gray, white and black.  A lot of DIY's happening up in here folks!  I also want to add a chalkboard wall in there and #Shiplap wall behind his bed for character.  That will definitely be a first for me.

Seventh project, yes, and the list goes on folks!  The upstairs hallway needs an actual ceiling light so we could see better and so it gives that hallway some light, and a new coat of paint is needed, small yet fun and easy project.  Right now I'm set on a medium gray for the walls which I actually found an #oops can of paint at Home Depot for $9 just this week with the color I had in mind.  Don't you love finding those and already having a plan for them, who else shops in the #oops paint isle?

Eighth project is the Master bath upstairs, that is in need of everything to be upgraded except the toilet basically.  Although in very decent shape and livable for now, I have yet to plan for this one but believe me ideas are in the works.

Ninth project, last but not the least of projects to come is OUR master bedroom.  This one is the one I'm most excited about although planning is also in the works, a dark or black wall is a must.  I'm a lover of all things white but for our bedroom I'm leaning towards both, light and dark.  Its a good size room with lots of light and has "his and her" closets therefore its my favorite but a lot of walls to paint too plus a balcony that needs deep repairs and its unfortunately going to have to wait until after El Nino passes through!

Inspiration Source unknown

Still so much work to be done in our home, might even take all year to complete and although I wish I had ALL the dollar dollar bills ya'll to get it all done and over with its a real world after all.  

I have to pace myself and plan to work one room at a time from start to finish, that is so hard for me!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am the most impatient person but I'm also a procrastinator and that combination is coo koo!!!

Not to mention there's still the staircase walls and we still need to get all new windows and the popcorn ceiling removed (so I guess you can make that a tenth project all on its own) well all in good time, I say!  Not really but I guess! Ha ha ha!

Cheers once again to a new year and getting things done and checked off the To-Do List!

Twenty Sixteen here we come!

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