The Weekend at Generation Beauty by ipsy

TGIT!  Its almost the weekend again but this passed weekend my daughter and I had the best time at Gen Beauty in LA.  I posted a couple of pics on Instagram so might have noticed.  Honestly not at all what we both expected, it was beyond our expectations and we're so glad we attended.

Besides ALL the amazing freebies aka make up and more.... we were surrounded by so many beautiful young talented people not to mention beauty vloggers!  My daughter included.  But she was in awe of how many of them she got to see and personally meet.  She definitely got a feel of what the success of being a talented make up artist feels like.

My daughter was personally invited by Ipsy OS as a Beauty Creator to Gen Beauty in New York back in October.  Of course she wanted to jump to the opportunity but without the time or money to be able to fly there at our own expense made it difficult.  So she wrote back and explained that attending the one in LA this January would work out best.  

They replied right away and said no problem.  

A little insight in case you're wondering, Generation Beauty is a trade show open to the public and beauty creators.  It’s great way to network, play with makeup, skincare, meet your favorite bloggers and Youtubers, and more! It is a 3 day event. Friday kicks off the event with a cocktail party for invites only and must be 18 and older or 21.  Not sure exactly, either way my daughter wasn't able to attend to that being only 16. Then, Saturday and Sunday is the main event. We were able to attend the main event on Saturday and we could have gone Sunday too because they gave her tickets for both days but one day was plenty for the both of us.  We were quite exhausted!

We didn't take a camera so all of these pics were taken with our phones.  Captured a few good ones but here's a sneak peak of our experience and the goodies we came home with from Gen Beauty 2016 in Los Angeles, California at LA Live!

Food Trucks on the roof top!

Yes, Barbie was there too!

My daughter with one of her favorites Kim Thai Nguyen!

Snapshot of her and her favorite shampoo & conditioner, OGX!

These are just some of the booths that were there... believe me their were about 25 so I wasn't going to take pictures of all of them.  They were all so great and generous with their beauty products.  We were expecting sample sizes but nope they were all pretty much actual size beauty products except for some of the lotions and shampoos samples.

I don't know what I'm going to do with all this make up...

This picture below I took of my beautiful girl just before we entered the event, she was pretty fortunate to have been invited as a Beauty Creator and the perks that came with that title weren't too shabby either.  She had the best time!  Thanks to Ipsy and Gen Beauty for having her and she's definitely looking forward to next time, maybe even in New York!

In case you'd like to check out more of my daughter's beauty videos on Youtube and fashion tips, check out her handles below!

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