February 26, 2016

Upstairs Hallway Mini-Makeover | Part 1

Sharing just a few not so pretty pictures of our upstairs hallway.

This hallway isn't quite completed yet but its almost done and I can't wait till it is. Its a fairly small space but I wanted to spruce it up.  Let's face it this whole townhome needs sprucing up.  The whole inside of it was literally a beige color, as you can see from the pictures, when we first moved it.  So a few rooms have been painted completely bright white.  And although I love color currently I'm sticking to gray tones in certain areas of the house.

As you can see there's also plenty of storage in our upstairs hallway which minimizes the space a little but its definitely useful for all the linens, towels and all my other stuff that I don't care to store in the garage.

I have already started and completed the painting of the walls, but I still have to paint the hallway storage doors and trim around the doors, not the fun part of the project.  I can't wait till its done, to say the least.  I am doing it a darker gray, which is the one of my oops paints that I found at the home depot for like $9 for a gallon!  

Wish the color was a little lighter and I could have dropped in some white like I did to the downstairs living room wall to get that lighter gray affect but I'm happy with how it turned out.  Its definitely better than the beige!

More pics of progress to come.

In the meantime, I gotta get to work, lots of painting to be done!

Happy Weekend!

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