DIY Faux Flower Spring Wreath

Happy Monday! I don't usually say that but I'm pretty happy with the way I ended the weekend. This DIY wreath was so easy and took no more than 30 minutes from start to finish.

All I literally spent money on was on the faux flowers that I bought at the Dollartree. I bought about 10 bunches of a variety of flowers and there's about 5 flowers per bunch. Although I cut it fairly close and almost feared not having enough. So buy extra if you don't want to possibly run out.

There's really no particular order to place them just go with your gut and make it pretty!

Here's what I used to create this pretty little thang!

You'll need your faux flowers to start, just remove each flower from their stem. 

A hot glue gun which most of you diy'ers and mom's should have around for school or fun projects.  Foam ring of your choice.

Just start by adding a little hot glue to each end of the flower and start sticking each onto the foam ring in any order you feel looks best or at random works too, which is kinda what I went for.  As you can see below, there's now specific color order I went with just as long as I didn't have too much of the same color in one spot.  Definitely spread them around.

Total cost $10! 

 It was fun making this Spring Wreath. Truly it was even a last minute design, I had bought the faux flowers not knowing what Spring DIY I'd be using them for, they were just so pretty, but realized I already had the green foam wreath ring from a while ago just sitting there and it just seemed appropriate and easy enough. Hot glue makes everything easy doesn't it? 

What Spring DIY's do you guys have up your sleeves?

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  1. Love this! I was thinking of making something similar but didn't even know where to start :>

    1. Francesca, definitely savings worthy and super easy! I'm sure you'll have no trouble at all :)

  2. This is gorgeous! I've been wanting to make a new wreath but the cost and time have kept me from making one but this one is a fix for all that! That you for sharing this fun project.

    1. Your welcome Leslie, and thank you! It couldn't have been more affordable and easier believe me! Two of my favorites! Lol :)

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