A Vintage Desk Gets A Vintage Makeover

I'm actually pretty excited about this post and showing you all the before and after of how this desk transformed and what's even better is that it wasn't hard at all.  I don't know, maybe I go into these projects thinking that its going to be hard work and suddenly surprised they're not especially because patience is not my virtue.

Here is a before shot.

You can see that she was pretty scuffed up towards the bottom and worn around the edges.

Here she is after.

Miss Mustard Seed's similar desks makeovers (below) were my inspiration for my desk.  I quickly fell in love with the black matte look and vintage look.  I have to say it turned out pretty close right?  Well close enough :)

Although I did not use MMS milk paint, I in fact used Country Chic "Liquorice" chalk paint.  After applying the chalk paint a couple of times, I simply went over the edges with sand paper to give it that vintage look again and then went over it with my Antique dark wax all over, and lastly with a clear wax.  After letting it all set a few hours in between and then a day later I put all the hardware back.

I'm so darn happy with how the desk turned out and did I happen to mention that she wasn't even meant for me to begin with.  I already had a pretty nice white hand me down desk and I had originally scouted for this one on Craigslist for my son's room.  But once it was here and he thought hard about it, he realized he liked the white one that I already owned more.

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed at first because it would have looked great in my son's room.  Then once I looked and admired this vintage desk it a little more, I realized it was going to be great in my space no matter what and I think you'll agree. ;)

Not a lot went into prep, I simply started by removing hardware and giving it a good wipe down.

With chalk paint its not always necessary to prime.  A little sanding just to make way for the paint to adhere is all I did before painting.

The lady I bought it from on Craigslist was very sweet and she said it had belonged to her grandfather for many many years and was handed down to her.  She hated having to get rid of it but was moving to a much smaller space and simply could not bring it along with her.  She sold it to me for $20!

That's a pretty darn good steal if you ask me.

The hardware was very chippy and stark.  I wanted to bring the handles back to life and not have the hardware disappear with the new color of the desk.  Therefore I spray painted them with some gold spray paint, I then applied some antique dark wax and a few hours later applied some clear satin varnish to keep the gold paint from chipping any more than it had.  

After applying the gold spray paint a couple of times and applying the dark wax about an hour later (probably should have waited a bit longer) the gold paint started to chip a little, but I was fine with it since the whole point of the antique dark wax was to give it that antique old look all over again anyway.  I wanted the hardware to look worn and vintage to suit the new look of the desk.

Let me know what you think of this makeover?   And stay tuned for my latest updates by subscribing to CCB.

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