April 22, 2016

Our Master Bedroom Currently

Woohoo!!! Happy Friday!

Do you guys remember this pic?

Well you might, I previously posted it on my IG feed a while back.  I instantly fell in love with this color.

This is the color I painted our Master bedroom walls, Flint Smoke by Behr in the Marquee brand.  Sadly I don't have pictures of our bedroom before, but let me tell you, it was very very beige just like the rest of our house when we bought it.  Everything, literally everything was painted the same color.  Walls, trimming, doors....uggghhh everything!

Here is how it looks now... 

Much prettier now don't you think?  Don't mind the chair currently holding up my lamp, its only temporary.  Future spot for #MommysDesk!

Not much else has gone into this room besides a few of our pictures, kids art and some furniture rearranging.  I wanted to finally give you guys an inside look of how beautiful this color looks.  The pictures probably still don't do it much justice.  

It's also the same leftover paint I used on my DIY Ikea Coffee Bar cart, you can see it here.

I've added quite a few pictures because I love being surrounded by wonderful memories at the end of the day.  

The Armoire I had previously talked about is now upstairs in our Master holding our TV, very useful for storage also, and I will soon be working on a separate post to finally give you guys a prettier view of its shabby chic look.

I have yet to paint all of our bedroom doors and trim in bright white but its so much work, I've literally have been putting it off purposely.  I am crushing on this wall color though and soon after painting realized that I hadn't made a plan on how or what other colors to incorporate or how to go about decorating.  I wanted a charming eclectic feel in here and my great love for rustic earth tones.  I already had most of our picture frames and other pieces in the gold, bronze, browns, blacks and wood tones.  It might seem like too many colors but they all work very well together in my opinion.  Some of these pieces are recently bought but most are thrift finds or I've literally have had FOREVER!  

They all just fell into place and so far I'm loving the whole look.

I am so glad to finally be giving you guys a partial view of our Master and I will update you some more once we add and update a few more things in here like curtains since we currently still have those apartment vertical blinds that came with the townhouse when we bought it and there's an awkward vanity/closet space that is separate from our upstairs bath that's in our bedroom.

You see we also have his and her closets (not walk ins unfortunately) which is nice but its just more space to organize and make pretty for our eyes sake.  More on that soon.

Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

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