June 14, 2016

A Hall Tree in the Entryway

Finally there's a permanent furniture piece in our entry way.  
Did you guys catch a glimpse of this find on my last post?  Well if you didn't check out the before here

I knew I wanted it white and I was going to order Country Chic in Simplicity again because its usually my go to chalk paint but my husband and I happen to be in Home Depot last week and I came across this Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint in Linen White and I hadn't heard or seen it till now, maybe I hadn't looked around well enough before or usually I'm just there for a sole purpose and hadn't noticed it.

But its a lot more affordable and I didn't have to wait for it to be shipped so I thought I'd give it a try.  Plus as you've probably noticed, I'm obsessed with White furniture.  I tend to think that its easier to decorate when you have a white pallet or canvas to work with.  Not to mention I wanted that Farmhouse look for the entry way.

Here's how I started by simply pouring in sections on a paper plate and working from there.

Usually with Chalk Paint you don't have to prime if you don't want to and I didn't.  Therefore I only gave the Hall Tree a good wipe down and got started on it.

I also taped off the mirror windows.  I tend to like to work inside my house, when the weather is warm its not always comfortable working in my garage.

And here is how she looks now.  To be honest I think the Chalk Linen White is even brighter than the Behr Bright White on my walls.  Gonna have to do something about that.

There you have it.  I'm pretty stoked with how this Hall Tree turned out and that its done and ready to be put to work.

What do you guys think of the look?  

I'm just so excited that this piece was literally only $20 and with paint a total of $37 and to finally have another section of the house completed.

Now off to plan a 13 year old's birthday!!!

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