June 21, 2016

Birthday Parties on a Budget!

So over the past few years, okay probably my kids whole lives, I've thrown them birthday parties and in the beginning I had a great job and well I pretty much hired and had parties in locations where I literally had to do nothing.  As the years went by the economy changing, not so great job and having to really watch my spending I figured I'd start to do things myself when it came to party planning.

I'm certain all you mama's on a budget can relate what a fun but yet hot mess it can be to plan a birthday party right, but its pretty awesome knowing we saved tons of money by planning it all on a cost worthy budget by simply doing things ourselves.

For starters invitations, I know you probably already know this but you save money by simply using FREE email invites such as Punchbowl or Evite rather than buying paper invites and buying postage to mail them.  Yes I know not very personal but still fun and free.

Decorations and party favors can get pricey and I remember back in the day my go to place was always Party City, nothing wrong with it, but prices there aren't the cheapest unless you catch a sale.  To be honest I came to realize that a lot of other stores carry very similar items for a lot less.  That is when Dollartree became my best friend in shopping and the Target Dollar bins.  They have the cutest party decor and so budget friendly on our wallets especially when its a last minute planning you simply run in and out with just about everything you need.

Stock up on snacks, beverages and waters during your grocery runs or if your local grocery store is having a sale on these items don't pass it up!

When it comes to location, nowadays I choose either a local kid friendly park or our home, even our own backyard no matter how big or small you can't go wrong if you plan wisely.

Last but not least, desserts and cake.  If you're an okay baker then you can definitely pull off baking your own cake and or cupcakes even cookies for your kids celebration.  They honestly don't even care how nice looking they are as long as they taste good.  Even if you're not a baker just bake it out of the box even.  Dollartree now carries some of these items you need for baking on your own.

Doesn't have to be fancy pancy either, especially now that my son and daughter are getting older, the details still matter but they care more about having a good time than having all the fancy decor.  In reality that's what's always been important.

Remember a lot of times, we have just what we need in our garage or storage closet from stuff we've saved from other parties or picnics or other.  I tend to be a saver of things I know I'll be reusing or can reuse for possibly another event.  If I don't then I'll pass things along to friends who might.


In fact this year my son asked to have an after school gathering with only a few friends the day of his birthday with nothing but pizza and ice cream floats.  Being that his birthday falls at the beginning of Summer well its always been pretty easy to plan his parties.

They had a blast and it doesn't get cheaper than that sometimes.

I hope this gives you guys some budget friendly ideas in planning your next kids parties or any party you happen to be planning on a budget.  These ideas of course are probably nothing new to some of you pro planners out there.  

I believe in celebrations that bring family and friends together that will help build on those memories we'll cherish for years to come especially for our kids.  These are the memories they'll look back on and cheap or not, they'll appreciate them because of all the hard work and effort we put into making these memories happen!

For those of you who know me, I also love to support small business's when it comes to planning a party and well if that's the case I usually love to spread the word because we have to help support and build each other up, whether its a small business of party supplies, home decor or blogging its all in the same to me.

These NUMBER balloons have become quite addictive for me to have for my kids to take pictures with and just create a fun atmosphere at any milestone birthday party, really.  One of the things I do like to splurge a little on.

Here is a discount code LOVE10 for 10% off your next order of $50 or more from LOVE PRETTY DETAILS a small and fun shop for Handmade Party Decorations & Specialty Party Supplies which you can find on Etsy.  

Thanks for stopping by and see you back here soon!

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