June 3, 2016

Our Trip to Toronto

First off, WoooHooo for four-day work weeks and best of all FRIDAYS!!!

I've been looking forward to sharing this post with you guys for a couple of weeks now. Although I am going to attempt to do so, I'm not really sure I can express throughout this post how much we enjoyed this trip and show you all the fun we had, but I shall try.

May I say, that my thoughts on the plane ride home were; "What else could I possibly write about on a five hour flight back home? Ummm.... maybe write about the awesome trip we're heading home from?!" ... well that didn't work out too well, because we slept most of our flight home and there was so many pictures to go through and I simply had to break it down that part was going to be hard and to fit it all into five hours or let alone one post.  

And now we all now how long it really took me :)

This trip probably wouldn't have happened anytime soon if it wouldn't have been for my beautiful cousins wedding and for that we are so grateful, because it gave us that push we needed to get our butts down there to finally party and visit them!

Not ever having been to Toronto and the closest I got was when we rode the train for a few days to Buffalo when I was 9 years old, from California, when we got there it was snowing and blizzards were taking place.  So that was that.

The plan was to always go back and attempt it again but life happens and time and money always play a factor I guess.

At the end of the day though, I'm thankful and so appreciative of the fact that we got to finally fly up to Canada to be there with family to celebrate and to simply visit their hometown.  Its been a long time coming and although we didn't see half of what Ontario has to offer, we still got to see quite a lot.  And don't worry cause we're going back!  Soon!

We were there for a total of 6 days. That's not really including our day of arrival.

The first day of arrival we were so jet lagged with the time difference that we decided to stay in our hotel and get some rest but we got quite a view when thunderstorms and lightning started. I'm not going to give you guys a whole timeline but I'll just talk a little about some of the places we visited as I go through some of the photos I'll be sharing.

The following day we really didn't have much planned besides meeting up with family later that evening so we took the opportunity to visit some of the shops nearby and have some lunch.  Our hotel happened to be very close to Vaughn Mills Mall  which happens to have a lot of popular shops and its literally next to Bass Pro Shop which my husband never fails to want to visit if we're able to.  The kids and I don't mind, since its always fun to see how similar and different they can all be from each other.  Plus its family friendly, fun things to see and activities too.

We then visited Sail, another outdoor shop which I believe is the Canadian version of REI.

The weekend then consisted of more family time and my cousin's wedding.

It was beautiful and a ton of fun. We were too busy really enjoying the company of family and dancing the night away therefore I didn't capture too much of it but here's a few pics of the church and reception that I did get to squeeze in.

these two though, they had the most fun....

here they are again, below, my son with the Sun glasses that the couple gave out as favors to everyone, after they made a generous donation to the Humane Society of Durham Region in place of fancy favors, which I thought was the sweetest thing ever, especially since their beautiful lab is a rescue dog.  

And also below my daughter with the lovely couple, my beautiful cousin and bride, Ramsoni and the handsome groom, Matthew.

This picture of the couple below, I borrowed from family and friends on FACEBOOK, but we couldn't be happier for these two!  Wishing them all the best.

The rest of the weekend consisted of more family time in Markham and Whitby, switching hotels, touring and lots of eating!

We then began the week and the rest of our stay being tourists and visiting Niagara Falls.

As you can see Niagara Falls was by far the most magical.  Its what the family anticipated visiting most.

We stopped by to have the infamous donuts at Tim Horton's which is considered Canada's version of Dunkin' Donuts, so I was told.

Below is a picture of my aunt and uncle, they were so sweet to open their home to us and so many of our family members from California.  They are the reason we had the best time in Canada.

Below is a few silly shots thanks to windy conditions of my sweet cousin Natalie and I, whom I have to give the most thanks including her sweet boyfriend, for being the most awesome in hosting us around town, they live in downtown Toronto and we got to see so much of what downtown has to offer thanks to them.  This one's for you Nat!!! lol.

Below are shots I took at downtown Toronto, during the day.  We started by visiting The Rosedale Diner in Toronto, which I had no clue prior to going there that it was featured on the show "Diners, Drive In's and Dives".

Visited a few places along the way, including SWEET JESUS!  The kids had to get a taste.

In the evening we got to stop and check out the historic Distillery District after hours.  Although we didn't get a chance to check it out during business hours, its definitely on our to do list on our next visit.

Again, I can't express enough, how much fun we had on this trip and I know I shared tons of photos already, so I hope I haven't bored you, but there are so many more I wish I could add and share, but I'm most certain you'd really be overwhelmed.

I think I've given you guys a good glimpse of how fun our trip was and all small yet fun adventures we went on.  And I hope it inspires you to visit Toronto Canada one day as well.

Now time to enjoy the weekend!

Till next time!!

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