Simple Patriotic Themed Table Decor

We are well passed Mid Month and its finally time to start thinking about those Fourth of July plans and decor.

I did get a little ahead of myself and started getting inspired early this year, ever since Memorial day weekend actually and so I brought out the flags both indoor and outdoor. 


The whole house hasn't been taken over just yet but I'm working on it.  Today I wanted to share a little fun Table Patriotic Centerpiece in case you're having family and friends over this is a fun little way to display your utensils, beverages and snacks without it feeling messy or crowded. 

Putting this all together literally took minutes.  I literally had just about everything already besides the Cracker Jacks and Cokes of course but I bet you wouldn't guess where I found those? 

I guess you could guess and if you did you might have guessed correctly, yes, the Dollartree.

Tell me, have you started decorating for Fourth of July yet?  
Or do you normally?

Hope this gives you a little inspiration of how easy it can be without spending too much time or money.  

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