An Inspired DIY Chalkboard!

This was a small project inspired by another fellow blogger and good friend, Taylor from Uniquely Taylor Made, I'm certain many of you have heard of her and follow her on Instagram if you don't yet, she's definitely #onetofollow and don't forget to visit her blog.

By the way, I know Taylor was posting a tutorial on this, and as much as I tried to do it all just the same there's still a slight chance we might have done a couple of things differently, but feel free to refer back to her blog for reference if needed.

I instantly fell in love with Taylor's chalkboard that she often has on display in her home and also had it on display at her Craft Night event, seemed like a lot of fun to have for multiple purposes and light enough to move around for any occasion.

So I got curious and asked Taylor on one of her pictures from Instagram if she could share how to make and put together.  She quickly replied and explained and I couldn't believe how easy and affordable it was.

Basically I dragged the husband to Home Depot and although he won't admit it, he might have been more excited about this project than I was because he even bought a RYOBI Miter Saw.  Not exactly the purpose for us going to Home Depot but its nice to have around for future projects like this one or upgrades around the house.

He went on to cut all the wood but before I go on explaining how, maybe I need to tell you what you actually NEED to buy at Home Depot.  Don't worry, the milter saw is not a requirement.  You can actually have all the wood cut at The Home Depot for free if you don't in fact have the equipment to do so at home.

Here's is what you'll need from Home Depot;

  • Black chalkboard sheet (they already come to a cut size)
  • Thin Plywood pieces thickness at your preference (normally found near the wooden dowels)
  • Wood stain color of your preference (optional) I used a dark stain from Ikea that I already had.
  • Wood glue preferably Gorilla

After you have the plywood pieces cut to measure the Chalkboard sheet to size either at Home Depot or on your own, you want to glue them down.

As you can see I'm not always the one doing the hard work, in this case though fairly easy but he was having fun with his new tools so I watched and learned, sorta! LOL!

Hopefully you have these clamps already handy also or you might need to run out and buy those also.  They were helpful but you're more than able to use anything heavy enough to hold down the plywood while it dries overnight.

I didn't actually stain the wood until after we had already glue them on but its probably better or easier to do so before.  Then just cure the chalkboard all over with chalk and its ready to go.  If you're going to be hanging it, you might want to also get the sawtooth hangers otherwise you're good.

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See you guys back here soon!

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