July 1, 2016

DIY Grain Sack Inspired Table Runner

In case you don't already have plenty to do this holiday weekend or need something to keep you busy the week after the 4th of July then this project is for you!  Takes up to an hour max!

Truly probably not much of a new DIY for most you but I have been wanting to create and make my own Grain sack table runner for a while now.  This creation kinda came on, on a spare of the moment kinda way though, I hadn't planned on making it anytime soon, just when the opportunity presented itself, and it finally did.

I created my own drop cloth curtains, yeah the kind of drop cloths you buy at Home Depot for painting projects, well I'll have another post on those very soon.  But I just so happened to have extra pieces of drop cloth from that project that I decided to finally create a table runner from it.  You can thank Pinterest for that!  

You can also create pillow covers too and that just might be a future project.

For this table runner DIY all you need is that extra drop cloth fabric and some Heat n' Bond iron on adhesive which you can find either at any Walmart, Jo Ann's or Michaels.  Oh yeah and some chalk paint or fabric paint.  I happened to have chalk paint around and didn't want to spend money besides the adhesive so I used what I had handy.

You simply figure out how wide you want the width of your table runner (because remember you pretty much already have the length from the curtains you just made) or if you're making it from a drop cloth you bought strictly for this project then cut it to the length that is best suitable for you.

You fold at the width that you desire and follow the directions to the iron on adhesive and set your iron at the appropriate heat setting (preferably linen setting if you have that).

Go ahead and iron away pressing down until the flap no longer comes up and is securely bonded.

Should look like this once its been ironed on and set.  Completely flat.

Then all you have to figure out is what type of stripes you want for your grain sack inspired table runner since its more of a farmhouse look or if you have a certain design of your own in mind, then get crafty.

 I simply eyeballed all of my stripes, no ruler, just eyeballed it and got to painting.

Continue the process by painting, I didn't want to give it a bold look since grain sack fabric has a worn look, so I only dabbed the paint.

Do you see how crisp those adhesive edges are?

I did realize the paint was a little stiff and I like the way it looked and looked just fine as it was but I wanted to test out a little theory, so I placed it in the washer all on its own.  I wanted to see if it would soften the material and not wash the paint away plus check if the adhesive would still be in tact.

So turns out, it was all okay, its officially washer safe and tumble dry low, YES! the adhesive was still in tact, the paint soften with the wash and still looked just as great, maybe slightly better than great!  Looked a bit more original without the stiffness of the paint.  The ends of the cut edge might fringe a little but you can scissor cut away any fringy strings you need to.

It turned out better than I expected, and I have to admit although my stripes aren't exactly centered, since I eyeballed it lol, if you'd like them to be centered, definitely take the time to measure.  Otherwise, this project is super easy, definitely for beginners which I still consider myself one.

Love, love, love how it turned out!  

Happy & Safe Fourth of July friends!


  1. I have the fabric and paint to do this, so nothing should stop me. Unless I need a nap today after working outside in the garden. LOL

    1. That's awesome Christine, its super easy, you'll totally nail it! But get some rest first if needed LOL

  2. It would be easier to read this if there weren't so many things in the way (i.e. all your social media sites and that huge picture of yourself and you request to join your mailing list). I don't think so!

    1. I've provided clear instructions and visible photos for you to view easily, I appreciate your feedback and its not a must to subscribe. Thanks.

  3. What kind of paint did you use?

    1. I used Chalk Paint by, thanks :)

  4. New forever house and new windows to cover. Drop cloths will be perfect and not as expensive as curtains.


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