July 28, 2016

That old Coffee Table got wheels!

Because who likes a boring coffee table when you can spruce it up with wheelies!!!

Yeah I said it, wheelies, lol, okay well it was fun when I was thinking it and now that its typed out it just looks silly but as you've seen on my Instagram we added wheels to our coffee table and let me tell you why.

This is basically the main living area downstairs and its where I tend to do my Beachbody workouts whether its with Shaun T or Autumn Calabrese, its where the action happens and this coffee table is not light at all.  Which is why I think I hesitated for quite some time to get to this project, I kept thinking it would be in the way and how heavy it was to lift.

I mention in my last post that this is an original Pottery Barn coffee table and it recently got a makeover, you can read all about it here.

The bones on this table are pretty abundant and sturdy!

Therefore getting it out of the way was not going to be easy all on its own.

I have to admit the wheels make it sooooooooo much easier you guys and I really really really love the way it gives it a bit more height and the overall look, for me is just perfection!

The wheels were an inspired look by the super talented Liz from Liz Marie Blog I had noticed them on a couple of her coffee tables via Instagram and thought to myself, that is genius!!!

Clever right?!  Its all about functionality.

Honestly though tell me what do you really think?  
Would you try it too?

Well the husband and kids thought it was genius too and just so easy to maneuver if and when necessary.

Hope this inspires you!

That's it for now, till next time.

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