July 27, 2016

An old Coffee Table Awakens!

So I think I've left you guys in the dark long enough.

I wanted to make sure I captured the true essence that this makeover gave this old Pottery Barn coffee table.

But before I do, let me give you some insight on where and how this coffee table came to be ...

I know for a fact that my husband will never admit this in public but he often doesn't realize it that he gives himself away with his actions.  He's made it very well known that he often thinks of me when he see's JUNK on the side of the road or when he spots a garage sale, he's often the one that wants to stop, for me he says!

As you all may know by now, just like my obsession with baking, my furniture finds and makeovers have become just as obsessive over time.  Its my truly free therapy for me, just like coffee its literally my fix to blocking out the world for an hour or two.

But I'm getting slightly off track here.  Basically the husband was the one that actually brought this coffee table home for us almost a year and a half ago.  While we were still living in the apartment in transition to buying our home.  A good friend of his mentioned he was getting rid of it and before I knew it we were picking up this beauty.

Of course his excuse was that we needed a coffee table therefore I was a bit skeptic because I wasn't looking for one at the time and I hadn't seen the table yet so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the moment I saw that table and the bones on this baby, well it was love at first sight.

I wanted to give it a makeover right away but I procrastinated and within a couple of months the home buying process started and then of course the moving so it just didn't happen.  Once having moved into our home, the fixings, other DIY's, home decorating, it again got put in the back burner and sat in the garage for about a year.

But it was finally time to bring her out from the dark.  Give her a good polish, some love and paint.

Here she is before.

Unfortunately the top of this table was pretty faded due to outdoor exposure during our moving process and damage prior to that.  

I simply started by cleaning the table well all throughout with mild soap and water.

I then started to giving it a light sanding ONLY the top of the table since there was stains and rings at the top and since that was the only portion of the table I was using a stain on.

You can see the difference that the sanding did on one side of the table compared to the other, already a big difference!

The bottom portion of the table I was using chalk paint therefore I did not need to sand the legs, unless you want to you can, but not necessary with chalk paint.

This is how the top turned out with just the Verathane Sun Bleach stain that I used.

I then let it dry overnight.  That same day though while the top was drying I went ahead and painted the bottom portion with Rust-Oleum's new Chalked paint in Linen White.

The next day after the top and bottom both got two coats of stain and chalk paint, I went ahead and got busy with wax and varnish.

Yes, wax and varnish.  Basically I waxed the top with an antique wax to give it the aged look and so that it would have more contrast to the bottom white.  A couple of hours later I went back to wax it again with a clear wax because this table will be getting a lot of use, reassurance and endurance is necessary.

The bottom portion of the table with the chalk paint got a couple of coats of Satin Varnish because I want it to resist to wear and tear when it comes to foot traffic.

I was beyond delighted and excited with the final look and only took a total of a few hours to complete.

The only money I spend on this was for the chalk paint and stain which totaled up to about $21 everything else I had on hand and the table was free, remember!

Thanks for stopping by and remember if you have any tips or questions just leave it in the comments below, oh and don't forget to follow on Instagram and/or Facebook for future DIY's or project updates.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


  1. Ahhh! I love that table! It is gorgeous!! I would have totally pulled that off of a trash pile too. (My husband also often thinks of me when he sees things on the side of the road that he knows I would like. He'll even snap photos and text them to me. lol! Don't worry; you're not the only one. Ha!)

    1. That's awesome, and so nice to know I'm not alone Lydia :)

  2. Totally not the only one lol. I do chalk painting and distressing and my very modern girl was very excited to pull a little table out of the garbage yesterday for me to do for HER. I find it therapeutic. Namaste.

    1. Yes, its so nice to just find a hobby that can put us at ease and it benefits our home at the same time :) Thanks Jan!

  3. Totally not the only one lol. I do chalk painting and distressing and my very modern girl was very excited to pull a little table out of the garbage yesterday for me to do for HER. I find it therapeutic. Namaste.


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