August 29, 2016

Our Home. Our Style.

I've missed you guys! Feels good to be back.  I hadn't planned on being back here as often this month because I wanted to embrace Summer as much as we had left of it, fact is there isn't much left of it after this week and I've been wanting to share this post with you for a while.

Since I started my blog I don't think I've talked much about our style of home decorating. And all while it changes or transitions as we update our home.  Last year that I started sharing more of it on Instagram, after buying our first home is in reality what brought that into play.  It was a way for us to share our life and journey of renovating and decorating our first home with friends and family, not realizing that there was still a bigger audience out there to share it with and so many of you that share the same journey.

For starters our current townhome is a part of an association therefore it's cohesive to others alike. They have a Mediterranean stucco look to them so there's wiggle room to decorate outdoors and it's fun carrying that same look indoors since we're fans but incorporating all our other favorites too.

What I truly love about home and what I personally like to add to our home all throughout is love and comfort.  Its our safe place, its where we love to spend most of our time, home is our sanctuary.  Plain and simple.  

The decorating part I can't say is always easy and effortless because its not always but I like to take my time to incorporate pieces that I love and have had for years or pieces that I eventually find that I know will define who we are as a whole in our home.

Since I moved out and was on my own at the early age of 18 and eventually had my own place in my very early 20's, when it came to decorating my spaces, my inspiration came from interior decor magazines, very early on I fell in love with VictoriaVeranda and Elle Decor magazines.  The style of old chateaus, old French and English cottages and Mediterranean villas and just any type of rustic country living is truly what melts my heart when it comes to home decor. 

Let's not forget how inspiring the infamous Rachel Ashwell and Martha Stewart were and are still to this day, don't even get me started! Their styles are one of a kind and always been so inspiring to me.  I love that Martha loves to incorporate subtle color into her home decor and Rachel and all the whites and ruffles well its just so beautiful. 

I gotta say though vintage, antique, rustic, very worn pieces of home furnishings have always been my weakness and combining that with country chic and shabby chic and modern home decor, well its just too fun.  
Decorating your home should be fun.  
There's no rule that says we can't make it all work as long as it works.  I'm still working on getting the style in our current home just right if that's even possible.

I'm sure you've noticed farmhouse style that everyone is sharing a lot these days and talking about including myself, personally I feel that the possibilities of decorating and incorporating that particular style is possible in so many ways, farmhouse style has so many meanings in interior design.  To me it means just exactly what I love, cottage living, vintage, rustic, antique, worn, wood tones, reclaimed wood, rust, pops of color, and all the whites...oh my word.  My list can go on and on folks.

Having grown up and living in Southern California, our love for the beach can't go unnoticed, that coastal decor is a must and we love to have accents of the beach around our home to remind us of how lucky we are.  Don't doubt it if we ever move out to the mid west or away from the beach, the coast is coming with us.

Not a lot of people I know, know this, but let me tell you, back in the day diy'ing furniture was very much a part of my life as much as it is now,  just because we didn't have Instagram or Facebook to prove it doesn't mean it didn't happen.  My sister's can tell you, I was painting furniture in turquoise.  That was my bohemian heart talking back then.  Oh, I still love turquoise and still a bohemian at heart, but in a more mute way.  I love to use color in accents rather than big bold pieces.  

I'm no expert or professional interior designer and so many of you, Lifestyle home bloggers, that I idolize for being so great at it, I hope to keep learning from so many of you.  As a procrastinator it's taking me time to putting our home together, some of the spaces in our home are awkward to work with.  I also want to make sure the pieces that we bring into it are what we really want, although it's hardly possible because I change my mind weekly, we still don't want to just fill in blank spaces because they're blank.  

Not to mention, renovating and decorating takes time and money.

As you know, we are currently living in a real life 1960's Fixer Upper and definitely taking our time to fix it up completely, slowly but surely there's still a lot to be done. 

I for one know what its like to get sucked into trends and all the pretty things.  Especially with Chip and Joanna Gaines's show, Fixer Upper, and all the farmhouse charm and style being so inspirational, especially those #shiplap walls (which I want by the way) but I think that that's how we tend to get motivated to update our spaces or simply tweak a few things here and there.

No one said, change isn't good.

Its nice to change and move things around from the constant same-o same-o.

A color pallet is also very important also its a guide to be able to start somewhere, you need to decide on colors.  Personally as you may see from Instagram, I love whites, blues, wood browns and grays.

Again, not just one word describes my our home and my our style, its the love for home decor and the love of making our home ours that makes it that, and no, I won't be writing an e-book about home decorating any time soon, but I hope this gives you all more insight on what motivates me and how I go about decorating and styling our home and bringing this fixer upper back to life again.

Don't doubt that we will go through a lot of transitions! the way if you're interested in the lovely coffee sign that I recently purchased from Kelly Belly Bootique visit her site, she has the cutest signs!  I absolutely had to have this one ;)  
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Don't forget to come right back here for more later this week!

In the meantime stop by and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all the sneak peak updates as we continue to renovate and update our home.

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