Sep 6, 2016

Distressed Wood Lamp Look-A-Like - DIY

I have to admit before I even thought of doing this DIY with our lamps, I didn't mind our lamps as they were already, except when I saw the wooden lamps at Target and how beautiful they look in so many different styled homes, I got inspired.

I didn't want to have to go out and buy new lamps and have to find a new space or sell the IKEA ones I already had, which I haven't had for long.  At the time that I bought these IKEA lamps I bought them on a whim because we needed lighting and because I really found them suitable for our space at that time.  But as our style is progressing in our home and we're lightening things up a bit, the new look was inevitable.

Above you can see what lamps from Target I'm talking about.  These were my inspiration for this DIY.

By the way this technique I didn't just happen to come up with, I did some research and just so happens to have had the easiest technique, so thanks to her, this happened :) and I'm so glad!!!  I must say, hers came out wayyy better!

I started by cleaning the lamps and prepping my area, covering what needed to get covered and I got started painting with my Rust-Oleum White Linen chalk paint.

Gave them a couple of coats of white linen each.  I let them dry for almost 2 hours, you could probably let them dry over night if you'd like.  

After, I got right into adding dark antique wax with a old lint free towel all around.  

Here is how the IKEA lamps looked before below.

They were a dark bronze color.

Below is how they look now.

I'll have to get photos of them without the lights on so you can get a pretty view of them that way also, very soon so stay tuned on Instagram.

Overall I think they turned out pretty great actually and seem to fit in so much better, don't you think?

Super easy, without a doubt that anyone can literally do this!

Perfectly, imperfect!

Such a huge transformation in a matter of hours, I couldn't love them more.

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