October 3, 2016

DIY Multi-purpose Command Center & Giveaway

So this little space came together quite quickly, but with School back in session I almost forgot to share it with you guys!

This space though started getting busy before I even had all the pieces of the puzzle put in place.

We desperately needed a drop zone for mail, keys, sunglasses, etc.  This section got moved around quite a bit, because our living room is fairly narrow therefore its hard to accommodate a lot of furniture but we're making it work somehow.  Good thing this space worked out and the husband is happy that I finally came to final decision and that there's a final destination for it.

Unfortunately since completing this space and school in session a few things were considered and this space won't be staying this way for much longer, due to us having to move a few things around before the holidays but I think I'll like it much better in its future location, for now this area works for just about anything as you come in or go out the door.

By the way if you follow me on Instagram or don't then you'll definitely want to because I've teamed up with an AMAZING group of ladies for this giveaway!

I have finally reached 1,000 followers on Instagram and a giveaway seemed like the most festive way to celebrate especially with October just around the corner all these prizes are sure to make your home that much cozier for the Fall.

One lucky winner will WIN everything shown below.

Click on the image below and go enter!

Happy Fall y'all!

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