October 28, 2016

Halloween DIY Make-Up Ideas

For anyone that is dressing up this year, unlike me, because I'm totally boring, I know. ;p  Today I am sharing some fun Halloween Make-Up ideas you can easily do yourself to make those last minute Halloween costumes even more creative.

My daughter is the Make-Up artist in the family and she amazes all of us with her creativity, just a natural, not to mention her patience when it comes to it all.

So in case you're stuck and don't know what to be or how to do it, here's a few snaps from her latest videos on Youtube which you must watch to see the how-to.

First up, we have the "Gypsy / Fortune Teller" inspired look. 

Gypsy / Fortune Teller Halloween Tutorial!

Next up is the "Day of the Dead Rainbow Sugar Skull" inspired look.

Dia de Los Muertos Rainbow Sugar Skull!

I know, crazy good right!  And I'm not just saying that as her super proud mom, honestly I think this of anyone who dares do these on themselves.  The Gypsy inspired look is somewhat easier than the Sugar skull but honestly, these are just fun to watch so if you're inspired to do either of these looks on yourself for the holiday, head over to her channel for some inspiration.

We're counting down the days around here with all the fun Halloween / Fall activities.  My favorite part is watching the scary movies with candy and popcorn on Halloween and of course passing out candy to all those cute kids in their super scary and cute Halloween costumes.

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