Weekend Recap; Happy Halloween!

Every year we try to make the best of every holiday, but Halloween is probably our favorite.  

This weekend consisted of simple fun doings and enjoying the little things.

of course, pumpkin carving.

Even though we all attempt to do our best and come up with the most unique pumpkin, the kids always win with their creative and cute pumpkins!

no contest there.

{Faye's Pumpkin}

{Julian's Pumpkin}

We get most excited when it comes to pumpkin carving, we honestly just have the best time.

And baking, well, baking is MY favorite.

My favorite sugar cookie recipe which you can find one similar here.  I choose to make my sugar cookies with no milk. 

I also prefer fondant over royal icing, less messy and prettier if you ask me, and my kids agree.  My son watched while my daughter and I, rolled out and decorated them with the fondant.

For extra fun the kids baked store bought chocolate chip cookies too and I baked our favorite Pumpkin bread too, which I'll be blogging about later this week.

We used a fun Sugar Skull cookie cutter set to make these cool, Day of the Dead cookies for ourselves and some extra to add to the halloween goodie bags I cheaply created to give to our neighbors.  

Being neighborly is our thing, its always fun to share the fun whenever we can.

You can find the Halloween Decorating Stencils Set here


These were super easy to make with the stencils, a brown paper bag and marker.

Added a few treats and tied with some ribbon, we hope our neighbors will find them pretty spooky. 

We're actually a little sad that Halloween has already come too soon because its truly not a long enough holiday, just like Christmas.  Is it even okay to use these two holidays in the same sentence? ... we hope that your days leading up to Halloween have been just as fun filled as ours and that you have all the fun today with your kiddos and with the Tricks or Treats you may have up your sleeves, just hoping our kids aren't too chocolate wasted for school tomorrow!

Happy & Safe Halloween to you all!

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