A Display Case with some Vanilla Frosting & Simplicity!

A Country Chic Paint sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

This was a special find.  I had been looking for a piece like this that would fit our living/dining area quite nice for quite some time.  If you were wondering why it's been taking so long to finish our home decor or somewhat complete it, this is why.  I'm very particular about pieces and pieces that will actually fit quite nicely considering our awkward spaces.


Now that this piece has been found, the downstairs living area is starting to feel somewhat more complete.  Country Chic paint was quite nice to have sent extra paint for me to play around with back in October after sponsoring our Blogger Meetup, so I'll be using their chalk paint in a few of my unfinished pieces which means I'll have a few pieces of painted furniture to come in the near future to share.


This particular Display Case is in great shape, besides a stain at the bottom of the inside, it just felt outdated, so a fresh coat of paint to give it some new life is all it needed.  By the way the knobs are not missing, they're both wooden knobs but I did start taking them off before I realized I still hadn't taken a picture of it.  And I forgot to place them back on after taking a picture of the after but they're both on their now.  


I used two different Country Chic chalk paints for this piece.  First coat was Vanilla Frosting in the all-in-one decor paint.  And the second coat was in Simplicity in the furniture and home decor paint.  Both of them are chalk paints and as you know I don't use a primer with these paints nor do I sand.  All I did before painting this piece was give it a good wipe down.


As you can see in the pictures that even the stains inside at the bottom disappeared quite nicely without having to prime.

Clearly these pictures don't do it justice but it turned out quite beautiful.  After applying both paints I did give it a rough sanding to give it that worn rustic look that I love so much and for the Vanilla Frosting to show through the Simplicity which gives it that much more character and as though its been in the family for ages.


Lastly I used the Country Chic Natural Wax to seal it.  They also provided me with their Wax brush which I cannot believe how much easier and faster it is to apply wax with this brush, this whole time I've been using a soft cloth only.

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Again a huge thanks to Country Chic Paint for their quality products.

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