At Home Photo Shoot | Christmas Cards on a Budget!

I've come to realize that not a lot of folks in our family and even friends of ours don't do personal Christmas or Holiday cards with photos of themselves or loved ones, which personally I would love to see more of.

I'm not certain if its because they feel its too expensive or maybe time consuming, but in one of my TDOC posts last year, I talked about our Christmas cards and the affordable ways of getting them done.  And yes, although occasionally we do tend to spend a little for our family photos, its again, something we do occasionally so that we can have those memories for years to come.  But its not something we tend to do annually.  For the best deals on pre-printed Holiday cards, is my go to.  Starting in October you'll find a lot of great Holiday cards deals from popular places too, like VistaPrint, Staples, Shutterfly, etc.

This year, we opted for the at home photo shoot with only the kids and pups.  Simple, comfortable, hazzle free and cheap!

Having a good camera helps but you can also take the best photos with your iPhones, so I hear.

Having a new furry addition to our family we wanted to emphasize the attention on all the love he's brought into our family including the kids now getting much older, we wanted to make this year's Christmas card all about them, full of real life, love and warmth.

So onto my bed they hopped, in their holiday pajamas, and no props just them and their sweet personalities.  It literally took minutes to take these photos.

So of course I found a great deal for cards this year on Groupon, from Staples, $8 for 25 greeting cards! Upload photos, pick up at the store and that's it.

This is not a sponsored post, believe me, just bragging about a good deal when I see one, that's all, plus I want all my readers, friends and family to know it doesn't have to cost a fortune to have unique and fun holiday cards to send to everyone on your list!

These are probably my all time favorite by the way!

I hope this encourages you to go out and personalize your holiday cards this year or next and takes the pressure off from having to have picture perfect photos.

Happy Holidays!

Girls Junior top and bottom pajamas from Kohl's / Boys Junior Flannel bottom pajamas from Kohl's /  Socks from Target Dollar Spot 

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