Nov 21, 2016

Fall isn't over yet but almost!

Who said, just because Halloween is over it means Fall is over too?

I love Christmas and Winter don't get me wrong and I'm just as excited to decorate for the upcoming holidays but I'm not ready to say goodbye to the warm tones and pumpkins just yet.  

We still have Thanksgiving and all its glory!  


So with that said, there are still a couple of pumpkins in the house and pumpkin baked goods giving us that Fall flavor and aroma all throughout.

I'm still enjoying it all, especially the baked pumpkin goodies and all the flavors of Fall, which is why I look forward to Thanksgiving dinner the most.  

I did put most of our Fall'ish decorations away but I haven't parted with everything just yet, just simplified a little bit.  Bringing in some herbs from the front yard just to give us a sense of that crisp Fall weather and herbs we'll be using in some of our dishes this week for our Turkey dinner with the family.

I am a little sad to move on to Christmas already because I wish this part of year lasted just a bit longer.  Personally I think there should actually be a month in between November and December just so we can enjoy the anticipation of the season more and actually have more time to shop and share the kindness that is spread throughout the holidays.

So much happening behind the scenes over here, I've got a few things up my sleeve that now its more of just enjoying the special moments and hoping to take in as much of it as I can.  Lots of projects ahead and in January is our second Bloggers Meet & Greet, so we're busy planning that too.  

As the Fall season will come to an end soon, I hope that you have all enjoyed the first part of this warm and cozy holiday season, because we have and I'm so thankful that you're all still following and taking the time to stop by here every once in a while to say hello'.  I don't need a whole lot to feel blessed, and I hope that you all have so much or just enough to be thankful for too!

May this Thanksgiving find you all in good spirits and surrounded by friends or family or both and a warm meal!

God Bless,

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