November 17, 2016

My Son's Room | The Inspiration

So it only took me about a year or so to finally give you an inside look at my son's room, but in fact, you'll have to wait just a bit more, because today I'm actually giving you a glimpse of what inspired the look of his room.

I knew going into it, I wanted his room to represent him and his unique style.

He's very particular to say the least, but he's an adventurer, a basketball and soccer fan, an anime/comic book fanatic, loves to draw, loves music, a video gamer and collector like his father, even a small part of him loves the antiques like his mother, but he's basically everything a boy is made out to be.

Therefore it was a bit hard to come to a decision but as I thought and thought about it, an Americana Vintage boys room was what I was leaning more towards and once my younger sister brought over an American flag to give to me, it was definitely a sign that that's exactly the colors and eclectic look I wanted to go with.

Here's the inspiration I whipped up to give you an idea of what to expect.

Stay tuned for the reveal coming soon.

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