DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

This time of year or I should say in October or November when we're starting to prep for this time of year, I don't know about you but I start to stress a little about Christmas and not only over the presents but the decor.  

As a blogger I should probably start stressing about that way sooner but not yet, last three years of blogging, thankfully I have kinda just planned on my own time and sooner if I can or have the time.

But this year, I realized that last year we only spent money on additional red ornaments for the tree and not expensive ones either, they were the 30 or 40 pk from Target for only $30 plus a few items I bought at the Dollar store and through Avon.

Truly, I don't like to spend a lot on Christmas decor, I'd rather put that expense or well spent money towards gifts.  So this year, we wanted to decorate with a rustic vibe, but I told myself I didn't want to spend more money towards new decorations.

Trust me, my daughter was a bit disappointed and I don't blame her, its nice to think that we could just start all over and decorate with all new store bought ornaments and decor, but it adds up.  I start to get anxiety just thinking about it.  So I broke it down and finally we came up with a plan to make most of our ornaments for the tree this year and use some of our previous ones too.

So onto Pinterest we went and we came up with a few.

We made a "cotton garland" and wrapped it around the tree in sections, we even wrapped just some "twine" instead of ribbon for that rustic charm.

I also wrapped some of the old ornaments in some extra scraps of "drop cloth" that I had from our drop cloth curtains.  We did in fact buy some of the clear plastic ornaments at the Dollar store and I spray painted them in white flat paint I had and then coated them in a clear varnish for durability. 

We then just added a few snowflakes, candy canes, red ornaments and vintage ornaments we already had.

We loved the way it turned out and the rest of the Christmas decor just followed around this "Whimsy Rustic Wonderland" Christmas tree decor.

I think this is the most DIY decor I've ever done for our Holiday decorations, especially our Christmas tree.  But we couldn't be happier with how fun it turned out.

Let me know what you think.  Did you happen to DIY any of your holiday decor this year?

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