DIY 'Paint Stir Stick' Tree Topper

This is by no means a collaboration with 'Country Chic Paint' but I did in fact happen to have a bunch of their paint stir sticks around and saved some for future use but also had enough to make this fun DIY for a very last minute thought up tree topper.  Pretty sure the inspiration came from coming across one of these on pinterest at some point, but I wasted no time in putting it together before procrastinating.

I have nothing against our regular snowflake tree topper that plugs in and lights up but this year my daughter and I were thinking outside the norm with our holiday decorating.

It literally took me only 30 minutes to put together. Gotta love that.

Here are the items I used...

1. Paint sticks (usually free at your local hardware store)

2. Dark stain or wax (I used a dark antique wax)

3. Hot glue sticks & gun (DIY must have)

4. Twine (find at a craft store, hardware store or dollar store)

5. And 30 minutes of your time

I started by puzzling the sticks together so I knew exactly how to hot glue them.

Then I took them apart and waxed each side with an old towel, its easier to apply dark wax that way, if using a stain then a brush would be ideal.

I let them dry for about 5 minutes, wax doesn't need a lot of dry time to the touch, except on a furniture piece it does need curing time to set well enough to handle it.

Went onto gluing the sticks together.  Let the hot glue dry for a few seconds on each end as I applied with a little finger pressure, once the whole star was finally done, I went onto adding twine to each corner, by also adding a bit of hot glue to secure it and make sure the twine doesn't come undone.

There you have it, probably took less than 30 minutes to finish but at least you have an idea of how long it could take.  Not to mention it took absolutely $0 to make since I had everything on hand, but if you had to spend any money it would be on the twine and you'd spend about $3 for that depending on where you purchase it from.

Let me know what you think, but I hope this gives you an alternate idea for a tree topper this year or next.  It was perfect for our whimsy rustic wonderland decor this year.  So much more you can do with it too, even paint it a different color rather than stain it.

Well I look forward to sharing a couple of more DIY's with you in the coming days, plus our Entryway holiday decor.  Stay tuned.

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