Farmhouse Style Inspired Wood Spool Tray

When I saw these small spools at my day time job that would eventually get thrown out, I knew those things had a re-purposed use, I wasn't sure what, but I knew if I looked or googled it that it would come up.

So I did, I googled it and I saw a few different ways that these round wooden pieces get re-purposed.  They're great for a few different things, and because I have quite a few, I'll probably be trying out a few projects with these.

At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to start with but being that I didn't have anything fun or interesting planned for my dining table for the holidays (unbelievable I know!) that I wondered how I could use it as a centerpiece.

It eventually came to me and only because I almost bought a pretty expensive rustic round wooden tray very similar, and in fact very popular these days with the farmhouse inspired style in lots of homes including mine.

Okay so not a lot of you know this, but you're about to, I'm literally the most lazy DIY'er ever, though I do tend to get motivated from time to time and painting doesn't always seem to hard for me, so anytime I get to take a shortcut and actually get to use my hot glue gun, guess what? ... I will!

Lucky for me, I get these for free, my husband takes them apart for me, all I had to do was lightly sand them, stain them and some extra cabinet handles that we never used for our cabinets happen to be hanging around so I just spray painted those brown metallic and hot glued them to the round spool wood piece.

TADDA!!!  And that's what I call a WIN WIN situation!

I'm excited that it literally cost me nothing!  And that it looks so cool and similar to all these other round wood rustic trays I see all over Insta!

Let me know your thoughts and if you'd go this route too if you could?

I might consider screwing in the handles in the future but for now they're just for looks, so no lifting by the handles for now.

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