Holiday Home Decor 2016 | Our Entryway

Our entry way is probably my second favorite part of our home besides the kitchen. They're both the hearts of the home as they're both just as welcoming.

Not that we have a Hall Tree to hold just about everything as you walk in, from hats to jackets and backpacks and so on.  If you follow me on Instagram you'll see just how busy this entry way gets in my live stories.  But when none of those things are there and actually get placed back into closets and bedrooms, this space actually looks cozy, comfy and through my eyes, very pretty.

I try not to see the ugly light above that needs replacing or the popcorn ceiling we have yet to replace, the missing pretty molding and I have yet to decide what to do about the old wooden floor, and instead see how pretty and welcoming this little space can be.

The greenery, pine cones and pops of red made all the difference in this space.  It says Christmas with very little added.

Looking to add nice big bulky baskets underneath the hall tree this coming year and maybe a nice cute small table in the corner, but for now its cute, its welcoming and its Christmas in our entryway!

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