The Twelve Days After Christmas

Did you know that the twelve days of Christmas doesn't actually start until after Christmas?!

Its true, for both Christians and Catholics in fact. 

It officially starts December 26th, you can actually read more about it here.  Its been a tradition for a lot of folks including ours leading up to the Three Kings' Day celebration, which ends on January 6th.

We love to soak up as much of the holiday season as we can and when the kids were younger I learned that it didn't have to end on Christmas day, that there was more to celebrate and soak up even after.  So I've decided to try and suck it up and leave up the tree or some holiday decor until the new year arrived, I can't say it's happened every year but some.  And then to surprise them with small gifts; bought or handmade in their shoes on January 6th which is the day the three kings finally arrive to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

This year I thought of adding some fun treats to our fireplace mantel for the twelve days after Christmas would simply remind us that the holidays aren't quite over yet and we can continue to celebrate the birth of Jesus until the kings finally arrive.  I made these from 12 pk of small canvas bags I bought last year at Michaels that I had no clue what I'd use them for but they came in handy this year.

I simply traced and painted some numbers onto the bags with acrylic paint I had handy and added some left over halloween candy to fill them.

Hope this gives some of you, who like me, love Christmas and all its joy, an extra reason to keep up your decor a little longer and hopefully start or continue this tradition with your family too.  Its one that a lot of times goes unnoticed and untold, plus gives the kids another treat to look forward to.

For now excuse me while I continue to sip on some hot chocolate and listen to some Christmas tunes.

So, do you celebrate the twelve days after Christmas?  If so, how?

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