January 24, 2017

An Antique High Chair in Bliss

That moment when you finally finish a project.  A project that I have not been putting off but just waiting for the right time to share it.

With the holidays having taken over this Antique High Chair got left in the garage untouched for quite some time.  Every time I passed it by I admired it and just couldn't wait to finally get my paint and brush on it.

A little back story to this high chair.  It was a garage sale find back in the Fall and luckily for only $20 buckaroos, I was ecstatic when I saw it and the price was unbelievable.  I wasn't looking for it, it found me.  You see, I'm about to be an all new auntie come this April.  My youngest sister is having her first baby and its a girl!  When I saw this I knew I wanted it in my home, I considered giving it to my sister for her to have and keep, but then I selfishly thought it would be better if I kept it for me to have in my home for all those times I'll get to have her to myself while I babysit or family dinners when she's over, it'll be there ready for her to use. 

 Of course that won't be for a while, but in the meantime I get to admire it still in this beautiful jewel toned blue color called Bliss by Country Chic Paint. 

I have to tell you, I almost went all white again, but I fell in love with this color sample from Country Chic when I saw it, and that's literally all it took to paint this chair an all 4 fl oz jar of paint, that's it.  I've used their paint many times before so I know how very little is needed for great coverage and therefore I knew that this sample jar would be just enough and it was, with even a tiny bit still left over.

No priming.  Just gave this chair a very good scrubbing because it needed it, wiped it clean, let it dry, two coats of Bliss chalk sample paint, scuffed it a little for more of that original antique charm that it already had and last but not least some Country Chic clear wax.

I can't tell you how excited I am to have this beauty ready for my niece once she's ready to spill and eat from it whenever she's over.
Its been a while since we've had a baby around so this makes it that much more real and we're so happy for my baby sis, and on the plus side the parents-to-be have one thing less to worry about whenever they come over with baby ;)

Thanks to Country Chic Paint for their beautiful sample of Bliss. Although this is a sponsored post all pictures and opinions are my own.

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  1. What a beautiful high chair! You're going to love using it for your niece :)


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